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The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Dade - Essay Example

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This paper "The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Dade" focuses on the fact that a person is classified as homeless if they have no place to stay. Homelessness in American cities has steadily increased in the last two decades (HUD, 2002).  …
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The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Dade
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Extract of sample "The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Dade"

Download file to see previous pages Miami-Dade County has the highest homeless rate in the State of Florida. It ranks first in ‘families living in poverty’ among 25 major US cities (JLM, n.d.). Poverty and high rate of rentals have been considered the two main causes of homelessness. As much as 83% of people experience homelessness for a short period and usually require assistance in finding housing or rent subsidy. About 17% of the people in Miami-Dade are homeless for longer periods and require permanent supportive housing. The total number of homeless persons on the street in January 2006 was 4709 ( Fluctuations in the homeless count can occur depending upon the weather, time of the year and the methodology.

Florida accounts for a very high range of immigrants and the children of immigrants. In 2000 immigration accounted directly for 86.4 per cent of the overall population increase in Miami-Dade County (Budget, 2006). The maximum children are of Hispanic descent and the second largest group comprises of the African-Americans. Immigrants of Haitian descent and their children also form a very high percentage of the ethnic group in Miami. Children have generally been considered as the most vulnerable and at-risk group. Miami also has a strong population of the chronic homeless which is represented by the mentally ill, dually diagnosed and those fully adapted to street living. The chronic homeless are usually high core criminals with an incidence of law enforcement. The Haitian immigrants’ families survive on clandestine migrant work, domestic work and low paid services. In their community, social child-rearing is undermined by social forces that interfere with a healthy child and adolescent development (Marcelin et al., 2005).

Poverty, low education attainment, behavioural problems, early sexual activity, leads to teenage childbearing which has adverse consequences on the health of the teen mothers and their families. Children born to teenage parents are also likely to become teenage parents themselves.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Da Essay, n.d.)
The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Da Essay.
(The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Da Essay)
The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Da Essay.
“The State and the Impact That Homelessness Has on Children in Miami-Da Essay”.
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