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The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study - Research Proposal Example

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This research proposal analyzes whether social science is a science itself. The paper focuses on the deviation forms of social science between other sciences. The researcher states the main claims why social sciences are legitimate forms of science to the same degree as natural science, and why social sciences are called sciences in their own right…
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The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study
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Extract of sample "The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study"

Download file to see previous pages Experimentation, as first coined by Francis Bacon, is the method or procedure used by science as it tries to address the many questions that come into its purview. Due to experimentation as a method or means of inquiry and in acquiring knowledge, science has virtually attained the stature that creates the belief or perception that science is in principle sacrosanct. And that whatever knowledge claims that science made or will make in the future should be considered as objective and is a proper representation of the multifarious reality that confounds humanity as it tries to understand the rudiments of existence.

However, things are not as delineated as scientists want it to be. In examining the researches and studies of science regarding the natural and physical world, it seems that there is neither confusion nor a gargantuan problem in the application and results of the method of science. In fact, experimentation affirms the claim that science is objective. Since, out of scientific studies, humanity now has the means and ways with which they can explain the natural phenomenon which is “observable” (Carnap, 1995, p35). And more importantly, science provided us the means with which we can predict future events or the happening of the same event in the future. All of these are made possible because scientific studies have shown that events happening in the natural world are governed by cause and effect relationships. And that this causal relation existing between events can be observed and presented via induction and generalization. Furthermore, the notion of the regularity of events happening in nature has opened the idea that “causal relation consists in the statement of exceptionless repetition” (Reichenbach, 2000, p 68). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study Research Proposal.
(The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study Research Proposal)
The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study Research Proposal.
“The Social Science Are Not Really Sciences Because We Cannot Study Research Proposal”.
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