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How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science - Assignment Example

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In the paper “How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science?” the author discusses the role of the practitioner, which is mostly to set the stage for diligent learning and to pose stimulating and relevant questions that guide children into those moments of recognition and meaning…
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How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science
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Extract of sample "How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science"

Download file to see previous pages The outdoor environment especially offers a wide and unrestrained range of possibilities to kindle children’s inherent inquisitiveness.
As the word foundation implies the foundation stage, as a statutory phase of the national curriculum for the United Kingdom, is vitally invested in the process of creating a solid basis for later learning skills as it operates to foster in children an enthusiastic commitment to the entire learning process. The heart of educational success is to inculcate in the child the lasting incentive for really wanting to listen, to figure out, to reflect, to go on questioning, and to work constructively and respectfully with peers. Carefully designed and engaging activity affords the best occasion for learning, whether indoors or outdoors (Hurst, V. 1997:76). For children to have rich and stimulating experiences, the learning environment must be well-planned and well-ordered. The curriculum suggests the ideal framework within which children are drawn to explore, test, devise, question, and reach decisions for themselves, enabling them to authentically learn, grow and expand their horizons. (Curriculum Guidance 2000:12)
A competent practitioner understands how to design fully adaptable resources and settings that arouse children’s inquisitiveness and then make the most of each child’s individual show of interest by asking challenging questions, stimulating reflection and fostering investigation. Young children can be guided to quite thoroughly explore the natural world by making broad use of their fives senses, smelling things, feeling textures, listening to and identifying sounds, noting shapes and materials, and talking about and sharing their discoveries, as well as asking more questions and recording or illustrating their findings using a variety of skills (Wood, E. and Attfield, J. 1996:104). Well-thought-out play can be a strategic means by which children catch on delightedly. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science Assignment.
(How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science Assignment)
How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science Assignment.
“How Can Play Promote the Learning of Science Assignment”.
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