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Letter of Advocacy - Essay Example

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Our group is called Mother Nature and we are allied with Green Peace in advocating sustainable use of our resources with the end of reversing global warming. This advocacy is focused among businesses and…
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Letter of Advocacy
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Extract of sample "Letter of Advocacy"

Download file to see previous pages We believe that making business operations green is also beneficial to the business because it enhances their corporate citizenship images that would translate to patronage and improved bottom line in the long run.
Our objective is not to hamper development and business but to strike a healthy balance between, development, business and environment with the end of not only reversing climate change but also to make this planet more habitable without damaging business and environment. We believe that it can be done and there is a way to do it. We also have to act now because our previous irresponsible acts are now taking its toll on us. Our unabated pollution, including the excessive emission of carbon dioxide and other pollutants such as nitrous oxide and methane traps heat within our atmosphere that has caused the greenhouse gas to raise its temperature (Massawe). This resulted in global warming or climate change. Global warming or climate change melts glaciers and permafrost in the Antartics causing the sea level to rise and extreme shift of weather patterns. This explains why we now have fiercer hurricanes, stronger storms, excessive rains that cause frequent floods. This excessive shifting weather patterns is also responsible for the more frequent heat waves that causes droughts and poor harvests (Miller). So in effect, global warming destroys lives and properties as well as disrupts our food source that could threaten our very survival. We have seen the effect of the strongest storm in recent memory as Haiyan flattened an entire province in the Philippines (Larano).
It is not yet too late to do something about it. Through our collective effort, there is still a chance that we could mitigate, stop or even reverse global warming. As a big business entity such as XYZ Company, your organization can certainly contribute to the improvement of our environment. As the President of the company, you also have the power ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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