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Gender Socialization in Kids Toys - Assignment Example

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I also visited later on at night to identify the toys they had specifically for boys and girls differently as well as the unisex toys they had in store…
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Gender Socialization in Kids Toys
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"Gender Socialization in Kids Toys"

Download file to see previous pages The boys’ clothing on the other hand are in col colors of black, navy and light blue, green, grey and even brown. Other than the colors, girls’ clothes, shoes and other accessories occupy longer rows and seem endless compared to the boys’ clothes and shoes that seem limited in comparison with most being jeans and t-shirts.
There were limited gender-neutral items on the toy store such as puzzles and a few action figure toys. On the department stores, the gender-neutral items were even less available and they included t-shirts and jackets with imprints of musical bands and super heroes. They were in seemingly neutral colors of purple, white and even black but that is where the gender-neutrality ended. There were few non-gendered items such as children’s furniture mainly wardrobes as even the dressers were his and hers done in blue and pink respectively.
The children’s items in Dillard’s were much more expensive than those in Century 21. This would explain the influx of people in C-21 and the noise while in Dillard’s the atmosphere was cool and just felt different. The qualities of the clothes in the two stores were also different. The most noticeable difference in the online toy store was the fact that there were some toys whose prices was very high while others were seemingly affordable and they were the majority being purchased.
The most surprising thing is that despite the color segregation in the clothing, majority of the toys seem to be oblivious of the color scheme. The toys designated for boys such as toy guns, cars, motorcycle and building materials were of different colors including yellow, red and pink as well as the black and blue. This was similar to the toys for girls such as dolls makeup as well as jewelry kits. They did not have color segregation when it came to toys like it was in cloths ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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