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The most widely used qualitative research methods include participant observation. Such a method allows the researchers to undertake the observation by becoming a…
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Report on resarch methods and a literary review
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Report on Research Methods and Literature Review Report on Research Methods and Literature Review
Section 1: Qualitative Methods
There are a number of qualitative methods that are used by researchers for measuring different variables in a study. The most widely used qualitative research methods include participant observation. Such a method allows the researchers to undertake the observation by becoming a participant himself. Other qualitative methods include unstructured interviews, case studies or direct observation. Interviewing allows researchers to talk about the insights of the subject matter in a profound manner. It is due to this reason that qualitative research method is suitable for the understanding of manner in which the young people would employ leisure time (Goddard & Melville, 2004).
Section 2: Trinagulation of the Research Methods
Triangulation method is basically a mixture of different research methods. The significance of triangulation method is to ensure the reliability of the data that is considered as the base of overall results. The value of triangulation is higher for researchers because it testifies the results that are obtained by gaining data. It is due to this reason that trinangulation is preferred for conducting studies within the field of social sciences. Different models and framework are utilized in order bring down the overall analysis to clarity. It plays the role of conducting the pilot study and then comparing the results (Goddard & Melville, 2004).
Section 3: Pilot Study of Questionnaire:
More and more stress has been laid on the fact that questionnaire are needed to be tested out before conducting the actual study. It is to ensure that the structure of questionnaire suits the objective of the research. In case, there are problems evaluated in the questionnaire then it is easier to make changes before conducting the actual study. It also saves a lot of time for the researcher so that proper evaluation is undertaken. The size of the respondents is also discussed in the questionnaire that can be checked at the time of pilot study.
Section 4: Research Method of the Chosen Study
The author of the study entitled, “Why older people do not participate in leisure time physical activity: a survey of activity levels, beliefs and deterrents” has made use of the cross-sectional survey. It was noted that the study employed 409 older people. The aspects selected in this regard included that these older people were living independently in their homes. Out of the total number of the older people, 46% of participants were taken under consideration. The data was further evaluated using various levels of analysis (Crombie, 2004).
Section 5: Online Research:
Researchers of the Social sciences subjects can easily make use of various evaluation methods. The most effective and efficient method is the online research. As a matter of fact, it allows the researcher to use specific keywords to find out the relevant past studies. It is important to ensure that the researchers using qualitative research method should make use of the relevant material to cite and backup the claims. Boolean research manner is also used while conducting online research that further increases the relevance of the study being evaluated.
List of References
Crombie, I., 2004. Why older people do not participate in leisure time physical activity: a survey of activity levels, beliefs and deterrents. Age and Ageing , 33(3).
Goddard, W. & Melville, S., 2004. Research Methodology: An Introduction. New York: Juta and Company Ltd. Read More
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