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In the paper “Cause and Effect of Change,” the author analyzes the problem with change, which is that it has various uncertainties associated with it. Due to the fear of these uncertainties, individuals are quite reluctant towards accepting changes…
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Cause and Effect of Change
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Cause And Effect Of Change Introduction Every individual throughout their life experience various changes. These changes have quite a major impact on the life of an individual. Change is defined as doing daily activities in a different manner or accepting different events in life (Phillips 9). The problem with change is that it has various uncertainties associated with it. Due to the fear of these uncertainties, individuals are quite reluctant towards accepting changes. One of the major changes that I have experienced to date in my life is moving to the United States in order to gain higher level education. There are various causes due to which I had to adopt this change and this change had quite a positive impact on my life.
The primary reason due to which I had to accept the change of moving to United States in order to gain education was that my parents always wanted me to attain higher education from the United States. They believed that United States is a place where education is given ample importance and it comprises of some of the best educational institutes throughout the world and this is why I should study in the United Sates. The secondary reasons due to which I adopted the change of going to United States for higher education was that I wanted to explore different cultures and different people throughout the world. United States is a place where you do not only obtain experience of the culture of the region. There you can even obtain experience of cultures existing throughout the world. Furthermore, the second secondary reason for moving to United States was to gain higher level education from the universities of US as these universities were following advance education system which will help in developing knowledge, skills and abilities that are required to operate successfully in the present day, competitive society.
Adoption of this change did not come easy to me and at first I was of the idea that I will fail in making this change a part of my life. Initially I started experiencing some adjustment issues due to the change in my social surroundings. The characteristics of my social surroundings had changed. I found out that the individuals living in US were quite individualistic in nature and be belonging to a collectivist background will not be able to adjust in this society. Later on I learned that although these people were individualistic, but they had an equal desire of making friends and having social support. Due to this realization I started making different friends and today I have friends belonging to several cultural backgrounds. I have friends who are born Americans and friends who belong to Asian and European backgrounds. These friends provide me ample insight how different people from different regions operate and what they consider right and what they consider wrong. Other than the social aspect of moving to US, the educational aspect cannot be ignored. The educational institute that I am attending in United States is preparing me for the challenges of tomorrow and I am sure that by the end of my educational tenure, I will be up and ready to operate successfully in this competitive society.
I was motivated by my parents to go to United States and study and the secondary motivation for doing so was to explore diverse cultures and explore the best educational system around the world. The outcome of this experience was initially quite negative, but as time passed I started learning about different people coming from different backgrounds and now I am gaining the best education that will help me in my future endeavors.
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(Cause and Effect of Change Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Cause and Effect of Change Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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