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However, the society and community at large shapes and determines what we consume and the meaning we often attach to the food. Personally, I love Chinese food. My love stems from the fact that Chinese food has…
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Chapter 1 disscussion 1
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Sociology Basically, the need for food rather than being social is biological. However, the society and community at largeshapes and determines what we consume and the meaning we often attach to the food. Personally, I love Chinese food. My love stems from the fact that Chinese food has multiple flavours. In the United States, Chinese food has been Americanised in order to appear as if it belongs to Americans. This assimilation has led to a lot of American people accepting Chinese food as their own rather than being Chinese. Chinese food is taken to be family oriented, convenient and inexpensive on the social level. Both the Chinese and American cultures are family oriented in addition to being a social gathering. Americans have copied how Chinese prepare their food. Unlike Americans who normally fry most of their foods, Chinese tend to use fresh vegetables and then stir fry. As such, Americans have copied the Chinese cooking style and employed in their everyday cooking.
The three concepts (social imagination, beginner’s mind and culture shock) all illustrate thinking ways which are vital in aiding individuals to clear preconceptions which are limiting them from comprehending and seeing things which are often directly in front of them therefore depicting a sociological view/perspective.. whereas mills advocates for people to establish and find connections between the social and personal while McGrane states that people should avoid old knowledge (Ferris, Kerry, & Jill Stein 2008). On the other hand, culture shock is a descriptive term depicting a way of viewing things like people have never seen them before.
America is both an ideal concept and a place that situates people (Americans) within a vital historical and cultural environment. As such, it mostly evokes people’s dreams and hopes. As a nation, America has fascinated social thinkers and sociologists making them look at the American lifestyle and America at large with a lot of interest.
Whereas macrosociology focuses on the social structure from a large scale, microsociology aims at individual interactions. Therefore, macro sociologists often assume that the large social structures are the ones which create the conditions and context in which individual people act. On the other hand, microsociology views individual level as being part of bigger larger patterns (Ferris, Kerry, & Jill Stein 2008)
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Ferris, Kerry, and Jill Stein. The real world: An introduction to sociology. WW Norton, 2008. Print Read More
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