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The salient need to have in place social policies has been evident for some centuries. Some countries have had elaborate social policies since the 19th century. However, social policy…
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Download file to see previous pages Notably, social policies were developed to address the emerging social problems. Social welfare policies are a smaller subsection of social policies which address the social problems related to ensuring a fair distribution of resources (Blakemore & Warwick-Booth, 2013).
In this context, social policies denote either principles, defined causes of action as well as procedures that have been developed and are recognized as statutes and serve as guidelines in agency regulation in a bid to register a positive impact on the social wellbeing. Evidently, theorists have made efforts of describing certain theoretical constructs that contributed to the formulation of social policies. These theoretical constructs will be given attention in this paper. Moreover, under the social welfare policies, the paper will discuss health care policies which are critical in ensuring that the American population has access to the available health care resources. The strength and weaknesses of the existing health care system policies will be tackled in depth. Finally, the paper will highlight possible remedies that can be made on the existing health care policies in a bid to develop a new and more and more effective health care policy (Livermore & Midgley, 2009).
Many authors have sought to highlight the theoretical perspectives which explain how social policies came into existence. Like in any other field, social policies need ideological frameworks which can vividly explain the aims and the objectives associated with the policies. Before advancing to the definition of the theoretical constructs, it is critical to understand the meaning of the welfare state which is commonly used in such constructs. Welfare state refers to a state which makes use of power in a bid to create a balance in market forces. The objective of doing that is ensuring that all the members of the welfare have access to certain social services. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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