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Explain whether or not working towards gender equality is beneficial to all. You should include at least one sound-counterargument and refute it - Essay Example

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However, since 18th century, gender equality war has been going on. Gender equality refers to the notion that the treatment accorded to both men and women should be equal, and no person should be discriminated because of their gender…
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Explain whether or not working towards gender equality is beneficial to all. You should include at least one sound-counterargument and refute it
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Explain whether or not working towards gender equality is beneficial to all. You should include at least one sound-counterargument and refute it

Download file to see previous pages... Working towards gender equality is beneficial to all. In a normal society, all people should receive equal treatment; this will ensure that every person feels glad to be a part of that society. Since men, women, girls, and boys treatment cannot be exactly alike, treating them equally means that they get to enjoy the same rights, opportunities and resources. This way each member gets to appreciate being a part of the society. It is inhumane to have a society where men get to enjoy better rights and opportunities. Working towards equality is therefore beneficial for all.
In a society where women and men receive equal treatment, there is more economy growth (Figart & Tonia, 2013, pg.334). In a society where men and women receive equal education opportunities, it means that the number of professionals available is increased. An increase in the number of professionals is one major step towards economic growth. In rapidly aging societies, gender equality boosts the economy by ensuring there is available workforce in a case where women who have mostly received unequal treatment provide cover up for the aged. A family where both man and woman are employed, family income is likely to be higher, this sums up to a higher economy growth. Working towards gender equality is therefore beneficial for all.
Working towards gender equality will lead to better working conditions at workplaces. At a workplace where men are viewed as the superior gender while women are viewed inferior, smooth functioning of such a firm is not possible. Conflicts between men and women at work due to unfair treatment can lead to the downfall of a profitable firm. Fighting for gender equality will ensure better working conditions for all; this means that general productivity is likely to increase. This means that working towards gender equality will be beneficial for both genders.
Working towards gender equality may not be beneficial for all. For instance, in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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