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Stereotyped Behavior regarding Muslim Arabs Image in the Western Media - Essay Example

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In this paper, the author will try to highlight this stereotyped behavior of the Western community and media regarding the Arab Muslim community. The anti-Muslim groups spread a common stereotyped violent image of the Arab Muslims in the entire Western community…
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Stereotyped Behavior regarding Muslim Arabs Image in the Western Media
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Extract of sample "Stereotyped Behavior regarding Muslim Arabs Image in the Western Media"

Download file to see previous pages This paper tells that the western media is involved in the telecast of some programs, which badly portray the Muslim image in the viewer's mind. The producers of such programs present distorted images, made-up or fabricated characters and mainly overgeneralization of the same labeled thinking related to Muslims. The fictional characters of these TV programs are usually involved in the War, bombing and other terrorist activities. The incident of the Twin Tower attack is especially highlighted in some TV programs. The producers of these TV programs and the channel owners should consider this wrong and false representation of Muslims. They should not generalize the activities of some people over the entire Muslim community. This stereotyped behavior of the Western community is rooted in the past years also. in the middle ages, western people were involved in these falsification and wrong conceptualization. We can say that these activities were started since Muslims are related to the Western Community. Either it is Crusade War or it is Twin Tower bomb attack, Western media always treat Muslims as the aliens or as the people coming from any special planet and who are enemies also (Ridouani 1). It looks like the Western media wants to prove Muslims as the other people or the true enemy of their community (Khan 2). The forces, which are working behind this strategy to spread or circulate the wrong image of the Muslims, should be asked strictly. The State and the government should take actions against them. The objectives of these agencies and forces are mere to ruin the relationships of both communities i.e. West and the Muslims. Just because of this misrepresentation, Muslims feel humiliation and disrespect in the Western countries (El-Aswad 3). Western media do not highlight any other community as they stereotype Muslims and especially the Arab Muslims. In this way, Muslims feel a discriminatory behavior of the Western people regarding themselves.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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