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This paper explores the positive impacts of Auto and shows how it has influenced and helped the society at large. This includes helping consumers buy cars, sell…
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Annotated Outline(
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Sociology: Positive Impacts of Auto Trader.Com is an online marketplace for car, both old and new, andconnects shoppers and sellers. This paper explores the positive impacts of Auto and shows how it has influenced and helped the society at large. This includes helping consumers buy cars, sell cars, or research car purchases.
Description of Auto Trader.Com
Michael Aldrich, an English entrepreneur, invented online shopping in 1979 (Kenneth, 2012). From then, marketing and shopping online has grown, and is now used by diverse organizations such as and Alibaba online retailing corporations. It is also known as e-shopping (Boundless, 2014). It allows consumers to buy goods and services directly from a seller on the internet by use of a web browser. Auto is an example of an online shop, and will follow the set guidelines for online shopping.
Research on How People Use Auto Trader.Com
A research is being carried out on the compatibility of this technology with the needs of the consumers. This is by testing the ease of access to the system, and whether it can accomplish the information needs. Respondents have given their feedback, which has been plotted into graphs and charts to show the outcome. The research shows that a majority of the users are able to access the system with ease, and they can get all the information they require on cars. This shows that the system is the best-suited to buyers and sellers of cars.
Personal Reflection on Auto Trader.Com
I learned about online shopping from e-commerce books. This is so because I have so much interest in online businesses. The topic is relevant to my life because I am interested in cars. In addition, I may sell cars on the sites in the future.
In the main, Auto is a technology that will serve the needs of car sellers and buyers in the future when implemented. It is a cheap way to do business because it does not require personal presence. It is also fast because transactions only require an internet connection.

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Annotated Outline(Autotrader.Com) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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