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The contemporary society has many issues that necessitate parents to teach their children traits and values that help them socialize and live in harmony with others. Indeed, the need to preserve identity and inculcate noble values in the young generation has moved…
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The family and racial socialization
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The Family and Racial Socialization The contemporary society has many issues that necessitate parents to teach their children traits and values that help them socialize and live in harmony with others. Indeed, the need to preserve identity and inculcate noble values in the young generation has moved black-Americans teach their children extensively so that they can appreciate their culture. Of great importance, there has a been a need to prepare them to brace the discrimination and negativities in the society, which is, still a challenge in many societies and schools. Indeed, there is a need to equip the young Black-American generation with values to guide their social interactions.
In the recent years, studies have noted a shift towards more home schooling trends by the black Americans (Taylor, and Jackson 65). Indeed, it has been noted that the performance of these kind of children has been remarkable in both writing and mathematics as compared to the children in schools. In addition to being offered quality education, these children teaches about their culture, and grow up appreciating their roots and origins. On this platform, their parents teach them their self worth and build their personality; qualities that help them overcome the effects of negative racial influences in their lives (Taylor, and Jackson 68).
It is plausible to assume that many black children in modern schools and colleges learn in an environment driven by the racial mentality, are bullied and harassed in many extents. In the recent past, most black parents have embarked on challenging their children to go past the negative perceptions of their peers to help their children overcome the challenges (Owens, and Settersten 101). They have focused towards retracing their ancestry, and teaching their children the values that influenced their ancestors to live in harmony. Most black parents focus on teaching their children quality lessons of their black origin, as the key towards celebrating their achievements and having a glimpse of their worth beyond any negative influences.
The lives of many notable black people in history have been vital addresses used by parents to challenge their children to be great and dream their ways to destiny (Hill 43). Despite the negative racist tendencies, it is plausible to note that most black children in schools are able to identify with people like Martin Jr. and Malcolm X who despite of criticism rose to become notable figures in history. Many African American parents teach their children to be proud of the achievements of the notable people, as a challenge and an inspiration that helps them resist any attempts to frustrate them because of their race (Owens, and Settersten 83).
The enrolment of the black children in schools has provided an avenue for secondary socialization, owing to the fact that development of the social structure of children grows in the school setting. Indeed, education plays a key role in the secondary socialization process, enforcing major trends in their behaviour and interaction. Schools offer diverse environments, where the key elements in this new environment dictate most of the values that they inculcate (Hill 58). On this note, the school environment opens a chapter where relationships are formed and behaviour patterns acquired by the learner. In addition, the school environment offers an avenue for learning cultures, beliefs and traditions, which are vital in shaping such aspects as perceptions, attitudes and emotions of the learners that are paramount aspects of the secondary socialization process.
In conclusion, the contemporary black society needs parents to equip their children with social skills and education to guide their interactions. On this foundation, parents will continue to offer quality education to the young population as a guide towards facing their environments and promote peaceful coexistence among races.
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