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& Evaluation Skills for Professional Contexts - Research Proposal Example

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There is no denying the fact that after spending a fulfilling and successful life, every elderly person does desire to be respected and cherished by one’s family and the society in which one lives. However, it is a verified fact that hundreds of elderly individuals are…
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Research & Evaluation Skills for Professional Contexts
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Download file to see previous pages 115). Many a times the abusers are either men or women within the family, or may be the family friends and the people that are trusted by the family. Elderly abuse may be any type of abuse that is physical, emotional, sexual abuse that is inflicted on an elderly person (Turner 2009). Besides, these types of abuse, elderly abuse also include instances of neglect, abandonment or exploitation of the elderly people (Turner 2009).
Considering the traumatic nature of elderly abuse, the role of a geriatric social worker could be of immense importance in such scenarios. This research paper intends to analyze as to whether the geriatric social workers could play an important role in dealing with the instance of elder abuse, and the ways geriatric social workers could intervene in situations of elder abuse?
Elder abuse is a serious social problem that needs to be addressed by all the individuals and groups that come in contact with the elderly and are associated with them either in the role of a care giver or in any other role (Bergeron & Gray 2003). Instances of elder abuse do occur frequently in the society that renders the elderly people utterly helpless and vulnerable. In its scope, elder abuse happens to be really traumatic for an individual (Matthias & Benjamin 2003). Thereby, access to proper care and protection is of immense importance for the victims of elderly abuse. In that context the statistics facilitated by a 2007 study conducted by the National Centre for Social Research could really help one grasp the extent and pervasiveness of elder abuse. As per this study, almost 2.6 percent of the elderly people aged 66 or above reported being abused by a family member, care giver or some trusted friend (O’Keeffe et al. 2007). This statistics translates into roughly 227,000 elderly people aged 66 or above that have been victims of elder abuse (O’Keeffe et al. 2007). As per this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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