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For decades, clients, particularly the large corporate clients, have been influential on the way law firms handle substantial matters such as staffing and billing. Recently, the clients have…
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Week 4 Dis Soc 205
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Week 4 Dis Soc 205 Week 4 Dis Soc 205 Impact of Stratification Legal of Services in the United s Client demands often drive theinnovation along the legal service industries. For decades, clients, particularly the large corporate clients, have been influential on the way law firms handle substantial matters such as staffing and billing. Recently, the clients have established a new variety of practical and financial requirements for the legal service providers to ensure a continued patronage. These large industries have also intensely influenced the stratification of legal services, service level agreements, and charges to billing structures (Neubauer and Meinhold, 2012).
Stratification of legal services is a client driven innovation. It is often compelled by the client’s profitability and budget concerns. Notably, the contemporary legal service has profoundly influenced three business areas including “Outsourceable” matters that include business standard contracts and document review. It also influences how businesses are managed; (“Running the Business” matters). The “Running the Business” matters have significantly influenced how businesses work. For instance, it has tightened the intellectual property and compliance issues. Finally, the stratification of legal services has improved the “Betting the Businesses” matters (Neubauer and Meinhold, 2012). Business betting matters are critical to the success of any business; thus, the stratification of legal services has improved the antirust or security litigation, IPO, and Bankruptcy among others that have led to the success of numerous companies and businesses.
Stratification of Legal Services has led to hierarchies that are to implicit to value attribution thereby encouraging low values of outsourcing matters. Additionally, Stratification of Legal Services has also led to distribution and delivery of legal services. Stratification of legal services has also led to distribution of legal service costs over different layers of services. Betting the business matters is in the top of the hierarchy and includes substantial traction and litigation matters as well as the knowledge of how to relate with the government agencies and how to understanding cases positioned of media (Neubauer and Meinhold, 2012). Thus, Stratification of Legal Services has improved the interaction of different businesses and other related stakeholders.
Neubauer, D. W., & Meinhold, S. S. (2012). Judicial process: Law, courts, and politics in the United States. Boston, MA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Read More
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Week 4 Dis Soc 205 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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