Advanced Social Policy - Childhood Obesity in African American Children - Assignment Example

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This paper "Advanced Social Policy - Childhood Obesity in African American Children" focuses on the fact that the author, using APA style, lists a specific, reputable resource that provides demographic information about who is affected by the given social problem. …
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Advanced Social Policy - Childhood Obesity in African American Children
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SOCW 7367 Advanced Social Policy Analysis [Nicole Robinson] of SOCW 7367 Advanced Social Policy Analysis The social problem you are studying this semester: Childhood Obesity in African American Children.
Answer the following questions – please make sure to review the sources you identify to make sure the content matches the question:
1. Using APA style, list a specific, reputable resource that provides demographic information about who is affected by your social problem (e.g., specific chart number from a research institute website, government website, or journal article). (1 point)
CDC. (n.d.). The Obesity Epidemic and United States Students. 24/7 Saving Lives Protecting People. Retrieved from
2. Find two peer-reviewed journal articles that are empirical studies related to your topic (the “social problem”). List the sources using APA style. (1 point)
Ickes, M. J., & Sharma, M. (2011). A review of childhood obesity prevention interventions targeting African American children. Vulnerable Children & Youth Studies, 103-123. doi:10.1080/17450128.2011.564227
Hudson, C. E. (2008). An Integrative Review of Obesity Prevention in African American Children. Issues in Comprehensive Pediatric Nursing, 147-170. doi:10.1080/01460860802475168
3. Find two opinion/editorial pieces (not a letter to the editor) that have been published in national or local newspapers related to your topic. List the sources using APA style. (1 point)
Hill, C. (2011, March). Fighting Childhood Obesity [Letter to the editor]. The New York Times.
To stop childhood obesity, look to parents. (n.d.). USA Today. Retrieved from
4. Find one report from a private, non-governmental think-tank on your topic. List the source using APA style. (1 point)
National Academy of Sciences. (2011 ). Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies: Report In Brief. Retrieved from
5. Find either a U.S. federal or state policy that seeks to address your problem. (1 point)
4a. Provide the official name of the policy.
The name of the policy is “Childhood Obesity Legislative Policy.”
4b. Find and list a specific link directly to a webpage with the text of this policy.
NCSL. (2008). Childhood Obesity – 2008 Update of Legislative Policy Options. Retrieved from Read More
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