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I agree with you that there are people in today’s generation, particularly those who do not believe in a God, who thinks that even if one prays to the…
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Post relpies
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Post Replies Post Replies Post Word count 102 Heather, you have accurately pointed out that modern culture reflects a fatalistic belief, in the Greek sense of the word. I agree with you that there are people in today’s generation, particularly those who do not believe in a God, who thinks that even if one prays to the Supreme Being, nothing will change their fate. Especially now that the world is going through a financial and economic crisis, it is very easy for people to fall prey to this belief and think and accept that they are stuck in this pit and that absolutely nothing can be done to change this.
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Tarick, it is my understanding that you perceive yourself as an idealist, believing that true reality is that which is in the mind and spirit of God. I am in agreement with you that idealism is often viewed as contradictory to materialism. Furthermore, it is necessary to point out that materialism emphasizes the importance of worldly possessions while idealism focuses on the intellectual and moral development of a person. In addition, materialistic people view the physical and economic factors as important while the idealist gives emphasis to the spiritual forces. These two philosophies seem to contradict each other but I believe that they can have a common ground and strike the right balance. Read More
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