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The following paper entitled 'Postpartum Depression Tied to Domestic Violence' focuses on post-partum depression and how it can be exacerbated by domestic violence. Pregnancy and childbirth involve several psychological and biological changes in the mother…
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Postpartum Depression Tied to Domestic Violence
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 When the intimate partner is violent, especially during the period after childbirth, during which the women’s body is naturally undergoing several hormonal changes, women are more prone to feeling depressed and this, in turn, will have a negative impact on the growth and development of the child. In such cases, it is necessary to offer counseling services both to the women and their spouses in order to ease their relationship and enable them to bring up their children in a healthy atmosphere. In recent years the pediatric community has introduced a screening of women with post-partum depression for any incidence of violence in the household. These sessions are to enable women to openly voice their problems and receive counseling from their doctors. An example of such a study is included in the article in which African American mothers were the major participant. The study revealed that one in 14 mothers who were suffering from post-partum depression was in a violent relationship. It also found that those who were in a violent relationship were at a higher risk of developing depression.
Children are exposed to violence right from a young age are more likely to suffer from health and developmental problems compared to children brought up in a healthy and normal household. In addition to their health, the emotional well-being of the child is also affected which could have serious consequences during their later growing years. How can these mothers be helped through post-partum depression and be relieved of their symptoms?
As a possible solution, the study has identified the need for psychiatric services that could be provided to the parents concerned as well as their families as it is vital to provide maximum comfort to the mother especially for the sake of the infant and other siblings. Several pediatric clinics are offering these services in the recent past. Proper counseling provided to both parents at the right time will enable them to deal with the situation better and ensure that it does not have an impact on the growth of the child. For this, both the partners should willingly participate in the counseling sessions without any inhibitions. Thus post-partum depression can be effectively handled through counseling and with the support provided by the family members. Read More
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