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The paper 'Great Jobs for Sociology Majors' focuses on self-assessment which involves an understanding and evaluation of one’s own personality. This paper seeks to present my personal assessment based on my academic experience during the semester…
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Great Jobs for Sociology Majors
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My class attendance has for example been outstanding with limited cases of absenteeism. These were due to unavoidable circumstances that were explained to respective lectures in advance. My interpersonal relations with both lecturers and students have also been good without even a single reported case of conflict. This is because I always respect people’s opinions and personality and I have excellent communication skills towards approaching people (Lambert, p. 3-6).
My level of preparation for classwork has similarly been outstanding with a 46 points rating. This includes my readiness with respect to assignments, presentations, and class readings. My assignments and presentations have always been done and reviewed in time, before submission time, a fact that has facilitated my excellence as I have always had time for revision and editing of my work. Both lectures and classmates have also recommended my preparedness for class readings (Lambert, p. 3-6).
My participation is similarly highly rated at 45 points. While I am always ready to participate in discussions and class exercises, I normally allow other people to participate and only engage when called upon. The relatively lower score in my participation can be explained by my passive nature (Lambert, p. 3-6). Read More
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(Great Jobs for Sociology Majors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 298 Words)
Great Jobs for Sociology Majors Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 298 Words.
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