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Functionalist, Conflict, & Interactionist Views - Essay Example

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One components of the society cannot function without the other, for example, education of the children is supported by the government who collect taxes from the parents for this purpose…
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Functionalist, Conflict, & Interactionist Views
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"Functionalist, Conflict, & Interactionist Views"

Download file to see previous pages pitals are for giving health care, latent encompass unnoticeable functions for example while in the university, students can create social and professional networks (Tischler, 2011). Dysfunction refers to the negative impacts as a result of social disorder. Functionalism has been criticised for its conservative nature and resistance to change.
Conflict theory was established by Karl Marx who argued that the struggle of power and social climax has brought change in the society where some individuals benefit in the expense of the ordinary citizens. Social discrimination is evident. Interactionist perspective deals with the micro groups in the society. Tischler (2011), states that human behaviours are explained by the objects and symbols they attach to their daily lives. Interaction is found between people who live within the same neighbourhood and those who work together. Interactionist view is criticized for its focus on individualism rather than the whole society.
All components of the society are interrelated where dysfunction in one results in collapse of the whole system. Social discrimination is brought about by few individuals who are selfish and hungry for power. Tischler explains that creation of social classes results into to unending conflicts which can only be solved through equitable distribution of resources; healthcare facilities, education and employment opportunities (2011).
Conflict perspective has been supported because brings out how power is abused by the politicians and those hold high offices. Sexual harassment is realised in job market as a result of sex for job. People are discriminated because of their social status. Misuse of human labour through slavery and violence within homes is also brought out in this view. Conflict countries worldwide has been as a result of hunger for power as seen from many individuals who do not want to step aside for new leaders which has put many states in political wrangles (Tischler, 2011).
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