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Why did the horse cavalry reign supreme on the battlefield for a thousand years What brought their reign to an end - Essay Example

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Horse cavalry has been used for more than 5000 years to engage in direct combat with the enemy forces and evidence comes not only from fossil remains, but also from cave paintings found all over Spain, France and other areas of Western Europe. The horses depicted in these cave…
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Why did the horse cavalry reign supreme on the battlefield for a thousand years What brought their reign to an end
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Why did the horse cavalry reign supreme on the battlefield for a thousand years What brought their reign to an end

Download file to see previous pages... Horse cavalry was particularly very popular among the Romans and they regarded it as an insurance policy, which was expensive but very useful to have around. Romans had access to the finest horses in the World and their cavalrymen hand picked powerful horses from these, to be ridden in warfare. On the other hand, nomadic culture war tactics relied heavily on horse cavalry. Europeans preferred powerful horses to be ridden in warfare, while Poland and Hungry preferred fast and agile war horses which were capable of moving rapidly across the battlefield. (Barrington et al 1768).
The horse cavalry reign supreme on the battlefield for thousands of years for various reasons. The horses used in warfare were mounted with heavy military equipment to be carried to the battlefield. Chainmail and plate armor were very heavy and were mounted on medium sized horses which were capable of effectively carrying it along with average sized men. Apart from being directly involved in combat, horses were also used to transport food and other materials to the war front. In old days, road networks were limited and most battle fields consisted of large flat plains and therefore, these areas were only accessible through horses. In addition, the formation of a tight line of horsemen in the battlefield prevented the enemy forces from charging and proved to be an effective defense tactic. . (The U.S. Horse Cavalry Association Roster.1990).
From the early 1900s onwards, the drive for tactical innovation and modernization led to new war strategies being employed. New military equipments were introduced such as the heavy water cooled Maxim sMG34 machine guns which could be mounted on cars. On the other hand, extensive metalled road networks started to establish around the world, which meant that scout cars or bicycle troops could be used for rapid movement which is essential during a war. Following this, regiments were instructed to use motorized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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