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Authenticity Of The Most Popular Source Of News In America - Essay Example

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The paper "Authenticity Of The Most Popular Source Of News In America" discusses how the book "How to Watch TV News" by Neil Postman and Steve Powers effectively examines the changing technology and the deteriorating standards of American television news programs…
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Authenticity Of The Most Popular Source Of News In America
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Extract of sample "Authenticity Of The Most Popular Source Of News In America"

Download file to see previous pages The book enlightens viewers about what one needs to know about the happenings in the world. Both authors have won awards in their respective areas of specialization in journalism. There are vast resources in terms of industry facts and astute opinions of the way TV channels work. The book has interpreted the role of the internet at the right time in terms of how the truth and veracity of news have been vastly altered. The authors have addressed theoretical issues relative to the portrayal of non-visual abstractions on TV and described the process of how news is sold through the practice of teasing and creating pseudo-families. They have also highlighted the difficulties faced by news reporters in providing substantiated news. The most provoking information in the book is about the presence of innate bias and shortcomings in terms of language and facts. It is in this context that they have recommended parents should take up with their children’s schools to teach watching television with discerning.
If TV viewers follow what the authors have written there will be a strong impact on the evolving nature of American TV programs. It is surprising to note after reading the book that most people know very little about things that are happening in their daily lives because an entirely true picture is not reflected in TV news programs. This is why the world of news often proves to be overpowering and cannot be entirely trusted for the content that it provides. The authors clearly hold that anyone who exclusively depends on TV for getting authentic news is making a big blunder. Considering the extent to which people watch the news, it is very important that the subject should be covered in schools. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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