Discrimination of Employees at Faith Based Schools - Assignment Example

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The author of the paper states that employees at faith-based schools are hired to teach religious subjects, ideals, and tenets. This is not discrimination as much as hiring the best candidate for the job. An example would be a nun not being hired a barmaid. …
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Discrimination of Employees at Faith Based Schools
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Teachers do not have to teach at Faith-based schools. The public schools are available to individuals of all faith. Religion is not an issue in public schools. It is not taught or expressed freely. This option allows for teachers of all religion, or even no religion, have a place to teach. A teacher should be qualified in the subject being taught. Each religious environment wants to promote that religion. Each individual religion has the right to have qualified religious teachers in their privately run schools.
The reason this issue has not come to light is most teachers do not want to teach at schools of a different faith. If religion does not matter to them, public schools are the better option. A comfortable work environment is more important to most teachers. If an atheist taught at a religious school, or Jew taught at Islamic, and so forth, the environment would be uncomfortable. A Jewish teacher might be uncomfortable looking at crosses and Jesus at a Catholic school. This is the reason Christians that are caught up in scandals quit their religious schools. Along with math and science, Faith-based schools promote their religious agenda.  Read More
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