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Understanding body language - Essay Example

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Its how you looked when you said it, not what you actually said" wrote Pease & Pease. This line explains how human body is communicating when the lips are talking or sealed. Verbal communication is a very recent human development and humans have relied on body language for much more years…
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Understanding body language
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Understanding body language

Download file to see previous pages... Its how you looked when you said it, not what you actually said" wrote Pease & Pease. This line explains how human body is communicating when the lips are talking or sealed. Verbal communication is a very recent human development and humans have relied on body language for much more years.Pease & Pease(.com) write that, "The ability to read a person's attitudes and thoughts by their behavior was the original communication system used by humans before spoken language evolved." Pease and Pease (.com) while talking about Mehrabian write that, "The total impact of a message is about 7 percent verbal (words only) and 38 percent vocal (including tone of voice, inflection, and other sounds) and 55 percent nonverbal." Humans have the ability to send out signals without themselves being aware and these gestures are very influential to communication. Wood (.com) writes, "You can send and receive up to 10,000 non-verbal cues in less than one minute of interaction." To convey a particular message, our body and actions automatically behave in a certain manner to get the 'real' message through even when we don't want to.Pease & Pease (.com) while discussing Birdwhistell, who estimated that we only utter words for 10 to 11 minutes a day. Like Mehrabian, the pioneer of body language, he showed through his experiments that "face-to-face conversation is less than 35 percent and that over 65 percent of communication is done nonverbally." These non-verbal clues can help us to detect deception, but may vary according to the culture.

It is human nature to deceive. Deception can put into practice very easily.
The gestures which become visible on a deceiver's face are not in his control. Many politicians have even kept personal trainers of body language, which train them to show that they are honest and caring. In reality it is opposite. Human beings trick each other and hide their true feelings and can get away with it. But if the listener is a well - trained observer, he can very easily detect deception through an involuntary process of uncontrollable gestures appearing on the body and the face of human being while deceiving. Wood (.com) writes that, "No matter how much you want to control it, your nonverbal behavior gives clues to how you are truly feeling." Indeed, it is a touch job to spot deception but it is not impossible. Dr Ekman, in his book 'Telling Lies' writes that, "The face can be a valuable source for the lie catcher." Wood (.com) tells us briefly how our different body parts show what we want to hide. He calls them 'windows.' Wood (.com) writes that, "There are windows at the bottom of the feet, the kneecaps, the bottom of the torso, the middle of the chest, the neck, the mouth and eyes and the top of the head." These all can become useful in assessing deception and give silent cues. Taylor says that "To study of detecting dishonesty or lies, investigators have found several other avenues of study useful. Some interviewers use body language or kinesics, neuro-linguistic processing and observation of facial micro-expressions" to pinpoint it. (188)
The term "Kinesics" was coined was Birdwhistell, who was founder of the theory of nonverbal communication and called it "kinesics"(Pease& Pease.) This term is very vast and covers the gaze, posture, actions and language use. (Taylor 188.) Face is the window to the brain and a very important indicator. Dr Ekman stresses that, "The face often contains two messages - what the liar wants to show and what the lie wants to conceive." The suppression of facial expression also indicates that the person is hiding something. Some times, unintentionally, liar puts something in between the interviewers because he "is uncomfortable facing his questioner/accuser and may turn his head or body away" (Blifaloo.com.)
Most of the investigators in this field believe that the "Eyes have it all." Taylor says that,
"Neurolinguistic processing or programming deals with careful assessment of the eye movement as individual accesses data from the brain in response to questions" ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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