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Left and Right Perspectives Impact on Crime - Essay Example

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The 'Realism' criminology has no doubt changed the new generation views on crime, today the crime is considered as a social dilemma with different socialist views adopted from Marx, Durkheim and other political and neo political approaches. Both the theories 'left realism' and 'right realism' has the same roots of political consequences…
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Left and Right Perspectives Impact on Crime
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Left and Right Perspectives Impact on Crime

Download file to see previous pages... Emerged in the UK in 1984, it stresses on the political and social conditions of a capitalist society the onus, which it puts on the shoulder of 'class system'. So far it has adopted various perceptions from socialist, feminist and post modernist theories. Thus left idealism analyses the crime from the perspective of social norms and class system and believes that in order to control crime from the society, the Government must improve working and economic conditions of the society. Like opportunities must be provided to the society in order to alleviate unemployment, however left realism can be best understood in the context of 'inequality', so it focuses on the causes of crime, thereby conducting crime surveys.
Left realism defines crime as truly sociological concept. It does not exist as some autonomous entity but is socially constructed. While there is much agreement, what is regarded as crime also varies across time, place and people recognition of social and economic divisions, like a person's labour, wealth and income play a key role in crime; gender and sexuality divisions (Carrabine et al, 2004, p. 5) Left realism constructs crime on the basis of collective group of individuals, who are not concerned about the consequences to be built after committing a crime. Left Realism upholds the main reason for why such group is not bothered about penalty, for such individuals belong to middle or lower class society who is deprived of necessities of life. Left realism wants to lift those causes that are responsible for the creation of such groups that eventually are not concerned about the consequences of committing crime.

However, it is an odd irony that conflict analyses concerned about class and power differences for so long neglected the importance of gender despite their focus on social inequality. If, as conflict theory suggests, economic disadvantage is a primary cause of crime, why do women whose economic position is, on average, much worse than that of men commit far fewer crimes than men do (Fennell et al, 1995, p. 94)

The main loophole 'Left Realism' contains is that it does not blame the criminals for committing crime; rather it blames the UK society for creating such conditions, which exacerbate crime. The main target for it is the middle class people or those who walk in streets, as such people are deprived of economic benefits. According to Fennell et al, (1995) "The United Kingdom today faces a problem of crime, which could not possibly have been forecast at the end of the Second World War. Since then there has been a large increase in the number of crimes reported to the police. In 1950 approximately 500,000 crimes were reported. In 1950 approximately 500,000 crimes were reported. This figure rose to 1.6 million in 1970, 2.5 million in 1980 and 5.4 million in 1991" 1.

The increasing rate of crime therefore caused UK younger criminologists to take initiatives regarding crime policies and so the crime perspectives started to be viewed from angles of offender. Partial theories of criminology were rejected; a new approach was adopted which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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