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This paper talks that the internet is vast source of information. Individuals can access diverse and detailed pieces of writing at the touch of a button. Television and other audio visual news sources are also very crucial in the process of disseminating information …
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Community Newspapers
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Download file to see previous pages In relation to the above concerns, Beisner, (2005, p 3) explains that there are also some hurdles in the process of operation. For instance, adoption of technologies may not always be a welcome idea for most editors and publishers. Secondly, it may be difficult to survive as a community newspaper given the fact that most of other newspapers re making alliances and mergers with other companies. The overall effect of such an approach is that community newspapers begin loosing their sense of independence. Additionally, they are required to keep their 'eye on the ball' which means that most of them may have to forego their traditional pursuits in order to fulfill financial goals set by their mother company.
In light of all these problems facing the community newspaper industry, one is left asking whether there is really any need for their existence. With so many other alternatives in the market today, one is left wondering whether there re still some people who value community newspapers. It is also important to examine the reasons behind this interest and why those people are not choosing other form of media to get their daily news.
Extent of the problem
Some people have asserted that community newspapers are only read by traditional or old people. They argue that there is no more room for community newspapers in today's fast paced world. Consequently, it is necessary to validate this claim by giving evidence of what kind of people read community newspapers. It is also necessary to give examples of some exclusive features present in community newspapers which cannot be found in other sources of information especially the internet.
Critics assert that community newspapers would not be missed at all if they were eliminated....
The research was conducted within a period of three days. Such a short period of time was chosen because the neighborhood is not too large.
The research found that most people who read community newspapers are not necessarily old. The most common reason for doing this was because it was part of their tradition while others felt that it had unique features such as local news. Lastly, the research also revealed that most people felt that community newspapers united them and that it was still relevant.Data was collected through interviews; pros and cons of the method were examined earlier. Data analysis was done through a tallying process as explained by Wiggins. First of all, the percentage of respondents who read community newspaper was established by finding the ratio of those who affirmed the second question in the interview about their readership of community newspapers. Thereafter, reasons for reading community newspapers were placed in list. The most common reason were considered and ranked according to occurrence. The most common reasons were ranked in ascending order then the first five were chosen.
Additionally, answers were also elaborated on the basis of respondent’s ages. This is in order to establish which age groups most readers lie. Thereafter, the overall effects of community newspapers were also analyzed through tallying the most common responses and ranking them in that order. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Community Newspapers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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