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The Power of Women or Lack of Power of Women Early Revolutions - Essay Example

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This essay describes the topic of Women's power, that has grown considerable from 1900 onwards. The researcher of this essay focuses mostly on different historical events and the role of famous female figures in it, that held great power in their own way…
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The Power of Women or Lack of Power of Women Early Revolutions
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The Power of Women or Lack of Power of Women Early Revolutions

Download file to see previous pages... It was inspiration for many other revolutions to follow. The positive effects that the revolution have introduced such as the high availability of employment, food, and human rights and the opportunity for future growth. Much like the phenomena of the internet that creates many more jobs today, they had more skilled jobs and machinery for labor. Before they only had animal and hand labor to get work done. This helped bring women out of the woodwork because there were more opportunities available. During the American Revolution there were few social and political changes made. Women's influence still remained in the home. They had little rights when it came to business or politics and it wasn't until 1920 that they were granted the right to vote. women contributed materially to the amendment of independence but shared little in the political benefits of the revolution. Many performed vital support services for the army and some 20,000 women moved with the armies, cooking, washing and caring for the injured. Women such as Mercy Warren helped promote the revolution by writing anti British plays and pamphlets. Despite their sacrifices there was no significant improvement in the status of American women. Their views were expected to reflect their husband and they were "expected to confide themselves to the traditional domestic sphere or to be supportive of their husbands in public life" Reacting against these conditions Abigail Adams urged her husband to " remember the ladies", urging him to promote the legal and political equality for women. Later in life, she was known as "Mrs. President" for all of the work she did that shaped this country.
One of the most significant aspects of the French Revolution is the incredible momentum the women's movement achieved...
This essay discusses the topic of women's power through the history. The researcher states that there were indeed women in the past that held great power in their own way, such as Queen Victoria, Marie Antoinette, Catherine the Great, Mary Stuart Queen of Scots, and Margaret Thatcher, that are only some examples. Women’s power has grown considerable from 1900 onwards. This rise in power was due manly to significant events such as the two world wars, were women replaced men in the workplace. The Industrial Revolution of Great Britain is also discussed in the essay because it brought about significant changes not only in Europe, but throughout the world. The positive effects that the revolution have introduced to the world, such as the high availability of employment, food, and human rights and the opportunity for future growth. Women such as Mercy Warren helped promote the revolution by writing anti British plays and pamphlets. In addition to individual women making a difference, groups, clubs, and salons were formed cross the country to help spread the word for freedom. In the conclusion of the essay, the researcher states that it is easy to see where women all over the world for hundreds of years have incurred much strife. Many rights and privileges were denied and women were treated as inferior human beings. It is thanks to those few strong women who led movements and helped shape the efforts of women’s rights, that we can be grateful for having as many privileges as we have today. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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