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Investigating Poverty and it's Social Issues - Essay Example

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Sexuality and Society Name: Institutional Affiliation: Instructor: Date: Does Heterosexuality Still Have a Place in the 21st Century? It is well accepted that any sexual behavior found in human beings is greatly influenced by society. This varies from one society to another and in the recent past, and from one generation to another…
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Investigating Poverty and its Social Issues
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Investigating Poverty and it's Social Issues

Download file to see previous pages... Weeks states that, “sexuality is not biologically given but is produced by society through webs of social interaction and definition”, (Weeks, 2009, p.7). What comes out clearly here is that sexuality is a creation of human beings social attitudes towards what they think and believe is right. It is not merely based on biology but on ideals and lately on the changing face of society as a whole. The most surprising thing is that, the media is able to put ideas in our minds that discussions of social issues have a political motivation behind them. This does not allow people in their free time to discuss and get to the root problem affecting society and in the process make the necessary changes. There was a sexual revolution in America in the 1960’s that brought to the forefront the social issue of sexuality and gave it much needed grounding. The rising trend of homosexuality and lesbianism is still a new social issue that will take years to take firm root in society. This because a big population is mainly Christian and stand on the biological definition of sexuality at creation; what this means is that a person’s sexuality is reflected on his sexual orientation and their resultant behaviors towards this. There are many different terms today defining sexuality including heterosexuals, homosexuals and bisexuals each different from the other in every sense of the word. Sexuality in its raw definition determines who holds power in any given society. Being a Christian country, Americans are deeply inclined to being heterosexuals who have always had the power to give definition and meaning to term heterosexual. In the same way, they have had a hand in defining homosexuality and bisexuality and giving these terms the unrecognized and low meaning it has today based on biological factors. Whether or not people conform to a certain sexual orientation to fulfil their societal responsibilities is hard to say, but the question of sexuality needs attention. Many hide behind the veil of shame without coming out and openly declaring their stand and this has caused much strife in families and marriages. Sexuality is clearly then based on peoples personal lives and choices and it is difficult to understand why these issues now become social issues of great concern to all people. Heterosexuality today is correctly equated to political power and control and anything to the contrary is highly frowned upon. Whether or not it is true that the sociological ideology that heterosexuality is imposed on the weak and powerless is subjective and up for much research and debate. There are many theories that have been put forward regarding sexuality each trying to explain the interesting phenomenon and each defining the terms according to their own interpretation. The invention of the Queer Theory is one that has gained a lot of influence in the 21st century and is gaining followers worldwide. Emerging in the 1980’s, this theory was coined in Ivy League universities and highly influences the thinking of sexuality not just in institutions but in society at large. The proponents of this theory believe that sex is everywhere and that everything in life is sexualized. What they do not expound is to what level things are sexualized and why this is so. They do not stand for heterosexuality and in their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Investigating the Social (research methods questions)
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Investigating the Social - Research Question Paper
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4 Pages(1000 words)Essay
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