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To what extent is the rise of the 'global city' been implicated in the formation of new forms of inequality - Essay Example

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SOCIOLOGY By Author’s Name Name of the Class Name of the Professor Name of the School City, State 28 November 2013 Global City and Inequality Introduction Global cities have been defined by Renn as the cities developed as a result of scattered production (2012)…
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To what extent is the rise of the global city been implicated in the formation of new forms of inequality
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Extract of sample "To what extent is the rise of the 'global city' been implicated in the formation of new forms of inequality"

Download file to see previous pages Inequality takes many forms which to a large extent, go hand in hand with globalization. As noted by Lawrence, globalization entails technological changes, de-unionization, change of social norms, immigration, modification of corporate governance, and industrialization (2008, p.6). These factors are arguably associated with what makes globalization fail to shake off inequality; instead it alleviates it to a higher level. Inequality comes in form of many things and over the years, has been getting wider and wider in various parts of the world. Socio-economic inequality led by income and wealth has been a long term public concern among politicians, economists, policy makers amongst many concerned individuals. The exceptional prospective for wealth establishment, entrepreneurship, and innovations has often led to persistent socio-economic inequalities. The world was originally a universe encompassing the human race with equal opportunities and chances of advancement in life, but given some length of time, others were able to work hard, while others were left languishing in poverty. This was the origin of different kinds of inequalities. How the Global City causes Inequality The emergence of the global city has re-invented the new phase of inequality. Sassen says that in many countries, “the leading business center is also the leading concentration of headquarters” (2005, p. 29). This is the setup and along with it comes competition in the free markets when the issue of business advantages is factored in, then some of the people who cannot compete favorably are not able to make much success in life just like their counterparts; as a result, there is a rise of a class system comprising of the wealthy, the middle level, and the poor. Setting up of a global city leads to the globalization of economic activities, which is a by-product of the new type of organizational structure (Sassen, 2005). The infrastructure in the global city brings to attention many tourists, a sector that has been described as a fastest growing industry. It is one of the new sources of wealth creation. However, there has been an equal criticism raised against the negative impact that tourism has caused regarding the issue of inequality. Cole and Morgan say that “during an ESRC seminar series on tourism, inequality, and social justice in 2007, the level of interest and the number of researchers actively engaged in research about tourism and in equality became apparent” (2010, p. xv). Social inequality is projected to widen, based on the assumptions that the dynamics caused by modernization, globalization, and social change affect the social structure and provide new possibilities of social arrangement. Increasing inequality is by no means an inevitable consequence of emergence of global cities. A significant intervening variable to eradicate inequality is the government. The long time economies had particular conditions that made them possible. As given by Sassen, these have been characterized by the cross border economies such as capital flows, labor, goods, and raw materials; in most cases, they were intervened within an interstate system whereby they were under the national states (2005). What differentiates the current phase of the economy is the rise of information technology, as well as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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To What Extent Is the Rise of the 'global city' Been Implicated in the Essay.
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