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Crime [Institution] Crime Crime has become a sociological issue in need of immediate intervention. The presentation of crime on social networks and media has further sparked a great deal of aggression among individuals. For example, several researches have been carried out on the effect of video games on criminal activity among teenagers and these showed a significant correlation (Eglin & Hester, 2013)…
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Crime Crime Crime has become a sociological issue in need of immediate intervention. The presentation of crime on social networks and media has further sparked a great deal of aggression among individuals. For example, several researches have been carried out on the effect of video games on criminal activity among teenagers and these showed a significant correlation (Eglin & Hester, 2013). In addition, the current global situation has also led individuals to engage in certain crimes for survival. In addition, the number of immigrants both legal and illegal has also increased due to the economic recession and this has also led to several crimes committed by these individuals as they often have very little legal economic prospects. Criminal literature has been debating the issue of crime for numerous years (Eglin & Hester, 2013). Some researchers believe that crime is individualized whereas others view crime as a social issue which is a result of different social structures and not some pathological process (Eglin & Hester, 2013). This paper will analyze the issue of crime and sociological factors associated with this issue, mainly focusing on the correlation between crime and its depiction and relationship to sociological factors. Crimes are divided into various categories which revolve around the age of the offender, severity of the crime committed, and probable punishment. The jurisdiction of criminal cases is held by the court. One of the main problems that surround criminal activity today is that the social status of some individuals places them at a higher likelihood of committing crimes. The causes of crime can be broadly summarized into political setup, education system, unemployment, changes in value and poverty (Eglin & Hester, 2013). These are all aspects of sociological settings that humans are exposed to on a daily basis; hence individuals who are adversely influenced by these social settings are at a greater risk of committing crimes. Further research is required to accurately analyze the exact correlation between the above mentioned social settings and criminal activity (Eglin & Hester, 2013). As mentioned above, the paper will focus on crime and its depiction and relationship to sociological factors. From a sociological perspective crime falls under the category of deviance, a term used to describe the violation of rules and social norms. Karl Marx’s Conflict Theory also helps illustrate the sociological aspects of crime. The theory states that the society is comprised of 2 groups who are engaged in conflict for resources. Crime is committed by both classes and the upper class is actively involved in criminal activities, however, it is also responsible for determining the punishment and parameters for deviant behavior (Tilley, 2013). Therefore, according to Karl Marx’s theory the difference that exists between people will always fuel criminal activity and this will continue without cessation until the class system is removed (Tilley, 2013). Sociology has grouped criminal activities into three classes which include crimes against property, crime against a person and victimless crimes. Sociology utilizes gender, age, race, ethnicity and social class (Ferguson, 2013). These are valuable aspects in sociology as they illustrate which demographic commits which type of crime. Other theories sociological theories which have been used to define crime include control theory, differential association theory and routine activities theory. Numerous sociological studies have been carried out to analyze the causes of crime and it was discovered that younger people commit more crimes than ones (Ferguson, 2013). In addition, demographic studies were also able to illustrate that crimes are more prevalent among men than women. Sociological studies have also found that violent crimes were more prevalent among poor individuals and that the upper class was more involved in white collar crimes. The differential association theory has also fund that an individual’s surroundings and company places him or her at risk of committing crimes (Ferguson, 2013). The above mentioned theories are only useful in some cases as there are exceptions which are unexplainable. It has still not been determined whether crime can solely be caused by sociological factors or there is some genetic role in this process (Ferguson, 2013). In summation, studies on crimes are useful to the field of sociology as they can help in creating a better future for society. They illustrate the trends of crimes among different demographics which in turn help plan the appropriate interventions to stop criminal activities (Tilley, 2013). An example that can be used is removing a young boy from a violent and abusive family as this will teach him to resolve issues in violent ways. In essence, sociological studies are useful in assessing the cause of crimes as without this knowledge it would be very difficult to understand the motives behind criminal acts. By understanding these causal factors sociology will help in lowering crime rates which has a positive impact on society. References Eglin, P., & Hester, S. (2013). A Sociology of Crime. Routledge. Ferguson, C. J. (2013). Introduction: Crime and the Media. In Adolescents, Crime, and the Media (pp. 3-16). Springer New York. Tilley, N. (Ed.). (2013). Handbook of Crime Prevention Community Safety. Willan. Read More
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