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Why Reality TV Is Good for Us - Essay Example

However, he also expresses concerns that reality TV has so little reality in it, and its criteria of selection or merit are often questionable, as well as the fact that no reality show can match the intelligence and layers of a tight fiction.Reality TV has boosted networks by putting them back on the pop-cultural map after losing the buzz to cable TV, because they reach tens of millions of viewers and make them feel connected to a communal experience. He notes that a large young audience heavily supports the current reality TV boom because they consider it as legitimate as dramas and sitcoms, which have slumped into a rut. He concludes on a note that reality TV may be uncomfortable because it rattles viewers' cages by provoking and offending them, but at least it is trying to do something besides helping them sleep, unlike conventional network shows, which are simply familiar and boring. Discussion It is true that reality TV has injected some new liveliness and freshness in networks by reinventing them and teaching them that they can tell involving human stories in new exciting ways than the conventional, too familiar, and boring ways that have come to be dubbed “comfortable TV.” Reality TV may be uncomfortable both in part and in whole, but that is its essence, to incite and to offend the viewers, because it thrives and survives on the viewers’ contempt, unlike conventional dramas and sitcoms. In contrast to conventional TV, which is too familiar and boring due to a serious lack of new

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Comparison of Reality Shows and Documentary Shows / Films
Movies were actually the way by which people received their more intellectually stimulating forms of film entertainment. It was this interest in informative films that led to the rise of “documentary” films whose sole purpose was to expose, immerse, and educate the viewer regarding the theme or topic of the documentary via raw film footage of events or situations that transpired amongst real people.
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Negative Effect of Reality TV

The author states that often, reality shows are based on topics without any proper concept or thought process. The viewers get hooked on to these shows for countless hours without gaining anything valuable. Certain reality TV shows highlight disagreements and some inappropriate stuff which is not suitable for viewing for a family audience.

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Disagreeing That Reality Tv is Good for Us
The author’s feelings as propagated in the text show that he does not think particularly highly of the many shows that represent reality television (Poniewozik 1). He describes reality television as a vice that is taking up too much time. He assesses the negative impact that this has on the management and viewing of exceptional quality programmes.
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Proposal Background and Problem Statement
This is because it is often reported that pharmacists manufacture or hype diseases, just to counter the move by manufacturing medicines to them. This way, they make monetary gains out of the proceeds of the sales. Economically, this step is debated as a competitive strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.
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Jersey Shore Reality TV Analysis
The main conflict of Jersey Shore TV show is that its use of stereotype makes the show unrealistic since the truthfulness of the stereotype cannot be established. Also, it is exaggerating portrayal of immorality. The cast engages in uncontrolled sex, and all the relationships are entirely based on it. Jersey Shore demonstrates mischaracterizations, stereotyping and portrays many negative social aspects.
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Reality TV
However, all real-life based programmes are not termed as 'reality show' such as documentaries and non-fictional programmes like news and sports. Reality show includes a wide range of television programmes encapsulating games or quiz shows often bear a resemblance to frenetic.
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Distorting Reality: Reality TV Shows and the Male Gaze
The researcher states that media is even more potent than formal education, in that its effects seep into the subconscious and accost individuals wherever they may be, whatever time of the day. According to Paik and Cornstock, 98% of households have at least one television, 70% have more than one television, 70% have cable, and 51% of households with children have a computer.
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Pre-colombian america
They declared themselves as Mexicas or Classical Nahuatl and they organized an an extensive empire in the late Post classic period of American history with capital city Tenochtitlan located on islets in Lake Texcoco of Mexico. However it was
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Reality TV (Black Musical Artist)
In terms of empowerment and sexuality, this is another show that portrays strong women in powerful positions, but one could argue that the themes are perhaps more sexualized and less dramatic than the themes of “Monica: Still Standing.”
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Demonstrate the major differences between documentary and reality TV programmes by comparing examples on similar subjects
In any case, the two genres share certain characteristics, among them being an interest in ostensible objectivity, or letting the camera follow what is ostensibly real life, rather than fictional, scripted entertainment. However,
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Reality TV Influence on the Audience
As the report stresses television airs programs with the sole intend of making a lot of money. Some of these programs are reality TV shows which are becoming increasingly popular. Television networks like reality TV shows because they bring in a lot of revenue. Reality TV programming can be comparatively cheaper than traditional TV shows.
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intriguing experiences and only serves to help viewers go to sleep, reality TV provokes and offends viewers, but still they cannot resist it since it is addictive. Reality TV has viewers in tens of millions despite them...
Why Reality TV Is Good for Us?

Literature review In the article "Why Reality TV Is Good for Us" by James Poniewozikthat appeared in The Times, Poniewozik begins by presenting the views of eight single professional women concerning reality TV; Leah Hudson, one of the women aged 30, admits she hates that they have been sucked into the Hoover vac of reality TV as if they have nothing better to do than to live vicariously glued to TV for 15 minute-fame seekers. According to Poniewozik, reality TV survives and thrives because of its viewers’ contempt for it—reality TV makes them feel tawdry, dirty, and cheap, but if it did not make them feel that way, they probably would not bother to watch it. Poniewozik then proposes that for once the audience and critics agree on something by presenting the views of some critics concerning America’s hottest TV genre, while The New York Observer contends reality TV shows how America is absorbed by misanthropy, and The San Francisco Chronicle claimsreality TV is killing the medium.

Ultimately, reality TV may be uncomfortable because it rattles viewers' cages by provoking and offending them but at least it is trying to do something besides helping them sleep; hate it or love it, reality TV is here to stay because it survives and thrives owing to its viewers’ contempt for it. Reality TV has injected freshness and liveliness in networks because it makes viewers connect to, and feel part of, a real communal experience, unlike the conventional network dramas and sitcoms that are already too familiar and boring.


Reality TV is increasingly becoming the most popular TV show with tens of millions of viewers tuning in networks for the many reality TV shows on air, despite many criticisms against the genre from all quarters of society…
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Why Reality TV Is Good for Us
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