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Poverty in China and Pakistan Name Instructor Section number Date Introduction Polity is also referred to as a state. Every polity contains a form of leadership organization, which in turn determines the form of governance in that particular state…
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Download file to see previous pages The constitution determines the form of governance. Sociology is the study of social aspects of how human beings relate with each other. On the other hand, sociological imagination is the awareness of our experiences and their relationship to the outside world. Sociological imagination helps in shaping the members of the society. That means the relationships between polities or a state is of great importance for the collective benefit of the region. This research paper discus on two major states that is China, Pakistan, and poverty as the major social problem affecting the two states. Literature review In a research article done by Cohen (2011), he gives the accounts of the future of Pakistan relating it to the macro economy of the country. He further defines Poverty as a political issue that is as a result of poor governance in Pakistan. The research paper focuses on China and Pakistan on the increase and decrease in poverty level in the two states. The two states are of great interest in this literature review because of the historical clashes, geographical interest, and racial differences. Pakistan and China are two Asian countries that are found in the Asian continent. Studies show that, corruption and lust within the leaders has highly contributed to the increase in poverty levels especially in the Asian countries. ...
According to research done by Cohen, (2011) the government in Pakistan gives an upper hand to obtaining of firearms compared to giving its people better health care and basic needs. The government has housing policies that make it hard for poor people in Pakistan to obtain housing this means lack of shelter for the poor people. In addition, the government gives more attention to buildings than providing the basics to its citizens like education and primary health care. The poor people in Pakistan do not have a say in the farming policies. The middle class looks upon them with hostility and they are the ones who are mostly involved in the farming activities and get lower payment which does not even cater for their needs and the needs of the children. The policies implemented in 1990’s did not impact positively on the reduction of poverty levels. This is because the privatization of IMF and World Bank impacted negatively on the country’s economy this led to inflation. Poor people are unable to set up cottage industries because of the procedures involved in obtaining licenses and seeking permission from the government. Notably the government ignores the causes and the rise of poverty levels in Pakistan. In a research article done by Churchill & Tidrick (2005), China is economically stable because of the stability of the economic system. Chinese leaders are more confident in their country’s stability than the foreign observers are. However, the increased rate of inflation in China and floods has resulted in growing labor shortage, the rise in the price of raw materials, energy, and food. Over the 21st century, China has been faced with problems like environmental pollution. The new generation of leadership in China also affects their economy. Historically Chinese ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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