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Is Social Networking Bad Good: An Argument - Speech or Presentation Example

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This paper declares that the common belief states that nothing is bad or good in itself but its use is going to determine its status on a moral ground. The humans are missing the basic and fundamental essence of interpersonal and group discussions…
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Is Social Networking Bad or Good: An Argument
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Download file to see previous pages From this paper it is clear that the information on the internet can easily and readily be falsified in order to disguise people. The people on the other hand, do not have the luxury to take body language into account as the information is usually flowing unilaterally in the world of internet.

This paper outlines that the next generation is vaguely aware with logic and therefore, they consider every bit of information available on internet as the representative of truth. But, it is not the case in reality. The information technology is in the ruthless control of the developed nations and therefore, it is representing their political and financial interests only. The social networking is creating an informational asymmetry amongst nations of the world. Additionally, the people living in the technological era of the 21st century have somehow lost the needed ability and power to decipher truth from the flock of lies. The so-called modern individual is being bombarded by millions and trillions of bits of information on a daily basis. The frequency and intensity of information on the social media have successfully neutralized the wisdom of humans and therefore, they are forcefully compelled to take whatever information available on the network as true. The information technology assisted the world in overcoming the physical distances. The people are growingly making fake accounts to camouflage in order to fool others....
less, civic and ethical costs of technological interventions are rising because humans are significantly engaged in misrepresenting themselves on the social networks. The people are growingly making fake accounts to camouflage in order to fool others. The cases of girls playing as boys and vice versa are growing. The abovementioned condition is painfully legitimizing the sin of lying. The leading religions of the world treat falsifying as most dreadful sin and foul a human can commit. The lying is nonetheless considered as the basis of every other crime. The human ethics are getting notably degraded due to modern social networking sites. The networking sites are majorly responsible for supporting unethical behaviors. Based on above argument, it can be inferred that the use of technology that was designed and conceptualized to eliminate distances amongst humans, is being used to deceit them instead. Furthermore, the next generation’s physical activities are diminishing whereas; illnesses are getting noticeably prominent in the youth all over the world. The youngsters are using unhealthful level of technology and therefore, they are unknowingly destroying the essential social circle that helped humans in fulfilling their societal needs of interaction in the past. The people of modern age do not have any close friends who can offer a hug or a shoulder to cry upon. These needs cannot be possibly fulfilled via technology. Moreover, in developing parts of the globe, the citizens are acquiring information technology for the sake of itself only and due to this reason, they are miserably failing in using technology in a productive method. The human civilizations are falling apart and the next generation is totally unaware of the value that a face to face conversation holds in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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