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Feminist Theory Author Institution Feminist Theory Introduction Feminist theory refers to the extension of feminism into the philosophical or theoretical discourse, and aims at understanding the nature of gender inequality. The theory examines the role of women, their experiences, feminist politics and interests…
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Feminist theory
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Download file to see previous pages Within the influential strand of philosophical literature of feminism, it is usual to comprehend the moral dilemmas arising from the relationship between the woman and foetus in terms of conflict of rights as well as to defend the rights of women to abort through the bodily autonomy notion. In its crudest from, alleged conflict is normally between right to life for the foetus, normally based on the presumption that it deserves moral consideration, and the right woman’s right to bodily autonomy that encompasses her right to decide what might happen to her body (Jaggar, 1994). According to Mary Warren, the abortion decisions and the rights of woman to bodily autonomy must prevail always over any other right that may be claimed to regard the foetus. This argues that the only beings with moral standing are persons and regards foetus as not person enough to deserve the right of a person. In this regard, right to life foetus cannot outweigh that of fundamental rights of persons. Warren claims that an abortion is similar to cutting of one’s hair. Therefore, the questions on whether feminist necessarily have to be for abortion right is incorrect since feminism entails a number of disciplines where experts from various areas apply their principles and techniques to shape the feminist theory. Some examples of the disciplines include bodies, politics, economics, epistemologies, language, gender and psychology among others. Therefore, though the selective abortion is allowed in some countries, there has been fundamental crisis regarding the feminism theory since feminist generally support unconditional rights for women to legal and safe abortions. This may be necessary since childbearing and pregnancy are practically solely for women. Therefore, women feel that they have the right of choosing when and under what conditions to conceive and give birth to a child for they must be in control of whatever happens and their bodies and their life. Right to legal and safe abortion, therefore, forms essential right of self-determination (Jaggar, 1994). MacKinnon According to MacKinnon, mot women seeking abortions normally become pregnant after sexual intercourse with men and most of them never wished to conceive. She believes that, in a woman’s life, reproduction and sexuality remain inseparable. She criticizes the political right that imagines that intercourse preceding conception is voluntary and urges abstinence as if women were the only one involved in the act. She criticises the legal rights that defend the male authority by arguing that women must always submit. She believes that this makes exceptions for the special occasions where they presumed that women never controlled sex. The proponent and opponents of abortion share tacit assumption that women must control sex. Sex, therefore, is not a freedom when it appears normatively less expensive for women to risk the undesired and painful life threatening procedure and the abortion policy have never been approached on the concept of the way women become pregnant (Jaggar, 1994). Maloney Maloney advocated for the rights of women by defending women and creating for them opportunities, making her be in the frontline among women who fight for the right of women. She forced the republicans to exempt from the ban regulations and combat all discrimination against women. She believed that taking away the protection of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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