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Working in the healthcare sector - Assignment Example

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Creating a positive relationship between nursing professionals and patients
1.0. Introduction
The relationship between healthcare professionals and patients greatly influences the outcome of healthcare services. …
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Working in the healthcare sector
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Download file to see previous pages Gone are the days when healthcare providers used paternalistic means to care for patientsby imposing their decisions on the patients. In fact, according to Wheeler (2013, p.27) patient care at the moment places more emphasis on the need to respect the patient’s freedom and involve them in the decision making process. Particularly, nursing professionals who are mostly charged with providing care services to patients should ensure that the needs of the patient are adequately met, thus establishing a good patient-nurse relationship. 2.0. Communication between the nursing professional and the patient One of the key factors in establishing a good patient-provider relationship is effective communication. If a patient is going to be fully involved in managing their own health, then communication between the nursing professional and the patient should highly encouraged. According to Hopkins (2004, p. 8) effective communication should encompass proper means of communicating, gathering and delivery of information, patient’s self-assessment, and feedback, and the adequacy of information. In the end, according to Clarke (2013, p. 324) most patients do not evaluate the quality of healthcare they receive based on the health professional’s technical skills. ...
unication by accurately sharing information concerning their medical histories with the professional, air their health concerns and ask appropriate questions, provide any relevant information concerning the family members or caregivers with whom the information should be shared (Hopkins 2004, p. 13). However, effective communication can be hampered by factors such as cultural differences, which results in communication breakdown. When communication is not effective, the needs of the patient may not be adequately met. For example, Clarke (2013, p. 326) writes that in an audio-taped consultation process, one doctor constantly interrupts the patient, by eliciting medical facts, a scenario that ends in the doctor failing to fully understand the patient’s illness. In other cases, failure to communicate with family members and caregivers could result in patients missing appointments, thus hampering their health progress. For example, Hopkins (2004, p. 13) writes of Margaret, a patient who lives in a retirement house and depends on her daughter to take her to doctor’s appointments. As such, the daughter is activelyinvolved in a lot of Margaret’s healthcare decisions. Accordingly, Margaretmade sure to inform her doctor about her daughter’s involvement, otherwise she would never have attended the appointments. 3.0. Equal opportunity in providing care for patients In the process of providing healthcare to patients, it is paramount that professional practice equal opportunity. Essentially, according to Wheeler (2013, p. 178) equal opportunity in dealing with patients means that every patient is entitled to receiving healthcare services in a non-discriminatory way. One of the most common ways in which lack of equality practiced in the healthcare setting is through ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Working in the Healthcare Sector Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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The topic of "Working in the healthcare sector" is quite popular among the tasks in university. Still, this document opens a fresh perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the idea for my own essay.

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