Benefits of Diversity in Universities - Contribution to the Student Academic and Interpersonal Interaction Excellence - Term Paper Example

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The paper "Benefits of Diversity in Universities - Contribution to the Student Academic and Interpersonal Interaction Excellence" states campuses are not so much subjected to ethnic clustering and racial segregation. Campus diversity prepares students to create a better multicultural environment.
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Benefits of Diversity in Universities - Contribution to the Student Academic and Interpersonal Interaction Excellence
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Extract of sample "Benefits of Diversity in Universities - Contribution to the Student Academic and Interpersonal Interaction Excellence"

Download file to see previous pages When most people hear of diversity, they associate the term with a racial or ethnic difference and segregation. Although this phenomenon may not be as prevalent as it used to be in the past, there is still some level of continuing prejudice in American communities and learning institutions. It is not surprising that university students sometimes opt to study, live or socialize with other scholars from the same racial background. Nonetheless, encouraging campus diversity is beneficial for students especially in the learning process, even though critics of college diversity programs argue that these programs do not have any educational advantages.   
Critics of college diversity schemes claim that ethnic-based segregation is prevalent among students. The critics also argue that the extensive spread of racial segregation weakens the academic capacity of a genuine multicultural campus community. Additionally, some of these critics hint that college diversity schemes, like Racial Studies programs, African-American historical studies, Black student clubs, and dorms or houses with ethnic themes, promote further separation instead. They allege that this counters the purpose of a diverse community, which is to encourage intergroup interaction and educate students about each other, in order to guarantee productive co-existence as adults.  The underlying value of diversity in institutions of higher learning is also an important aspect to consider in this debatable issue. Members of the public generally support affirmative action, which seeks to overcome discrimination against women and minority groups by providing them access to equal educational opportunities. This is because it supports the democratic principles of equity, fairness, and equality. However, there are people who argue that the affirmative action, which supports campus diversity, also goes against the very ideals which contributed to its creation. This is because; many institutions of higher learning view it as a platform for building their reputation and acquiring extra resources.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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