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Integrative Analysis: Case Application of Stevie Fielding Name of Author Author’s Affiliation Author Note Author note with more information about affiliation, research grants, conflict of interest and how to contact Integrative Analysis: Case Application of Stevie Fielding SECTION 1: NARRATIVE OF THE MOVIE ‘STEVE’ Stevie is a feature documentary film, directed by the “award winning director Steve James of Hoop Dreams,” and it narrates the saga of Stevie, through illustrating how “years of poverty, neglect and abuse” can wreck the life of a small boy and affect his development into a mentally healthy and responsible individual (Stevie, 2004, p.3)…
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Download file to see previous pages James, through depicting the manifestations of the traumas of Stevie’s troubled childhood, and how these scars have remained etched in his memory, illustrates the impact of the abuses he has undergone as a child on the developments in his later life. Steve has been an unwanted child to his mother, who thrust his responsibility upon his step-grandmother and lived lust 50 yards away from them. Thus, right from the early stages of his life Steve had a sense of being discarded. Steve has had developmental problems even during the time he began to speak and according to his grandmother he has undergone speech therapy as he could not speak properly. His mother, Bernice, has made it clear that she does not want to take care of him and she married another man, when Steve has been a toddler. Steve has never known his father and, thus, he fails to recognize the meaning of human relationships and family. The only semblance of a family he has is the step-grandmother and Bernice’s daughter, his half-sister, Brenda. ...
Thus, the dominant feeling in his psyche is that of being neglected, not cared for, abused and discarded by his own. He turns to drugs, alcoholism and in between he also shows violent behavior. Finally, he ends up with charges of child molestation though he claims innocence in this context. His case also points to gaps in mentoring services, because James, who assumed his big brother role, leaves him for ten years before coming back to him. Overall, Steve represents a young man that has been a product of neglect only by family and society but also by all the policies and systems in place that are meant to help people who are desolate like him. The education system fails him, the social system does and even the judicial system has not been in any way helpful for his rehabilitation but is focused on punishing him. SECTION 2: CONTEXT OF HUMAN BEHAVIOR/DEVELOPMENT In the early stages of a person’s life, development occurs through progressive “reciprocal interaction” with other individuals, objects as well as various symbols in the living environment (Bronfenbrenner, 1994, p.38). Besides, the interaction also needs to be “fairly regular,” spanning over longer periods of time in order to be effectively integrated into the process of development and to build up positive traits in the individual (p.38). The most immediate environment of any child is its parents and the close interaction of children with their closest surrounding is known as “proximal processes” (38). When parents love their children, a lot of interaction occurs between them, which foster positive development in the children. On the other hand, when interaction is absent or when the proximal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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