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Cory D. Cobern Bio Psycho Social Individual Assessment: Character Analysis of Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Movie Silence of the Lambs George Mason University Bio Psycho Social Individual Assessment: Character Analysis of Dr. Hannibal Lecter from Movie Silence of the Lambs The client chosen for this report is a character named Dr…
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Bio Psycho Social
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Download file to see previous pages The following assessment is based on the facts about the character as presented in the movie but on certain rare occasions, slight modifications has been made to make the case fit for inclusion in a social work context. For example, the character in the movie is lodged in a maximum security prison but in the assessment this aspect has been ignored. I. Referral Statement: A. Source: The client manifests inappropriate behavior, such as getting into a fit of rage or demonstrating the tendencies to be violent, when he encounters people whom think are uncivilized or impolite to others. During such occasions, he needs intervention by social workers as well as mental health workers. On certain other occasions he exhibits extreme behavior that warrants the intervention of judicial system. Client has been referred by the Corrections Facility in the town. B. Previous Contact with the Agency: No instances of previous contact with agency although the patient has been undergoing psychiatric treatment in Baltimore State Forensic Hospital initially and later in Baltimore State Hospital for Criminally Insane. C. Dates and Other Agencies: The client has been availing psychiatric treatment from the prison and the services of the psychiatrist are being hired by the prison authorities. Dates, history and further details are reflected in the attached document. D. Identify Data Sources and Assess the Quality and Accuracy of Information: The data relevant to the case has been provided by the prison authorities, which is reliable and accurate. Most of the files relating to previous treatment have been provided and the history of treatment and medication is available. II. Identifying Information: A. Name and Address: Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Address Line-1, Address Line-2, Address Line-3 B. Date and Place of Birth: January 2, 1938 Maine C. Race/Ethnic Background: Native American, White D. Education: PhD/Doctorate in Psychiatry E. Employment: Dr Lecter worked as an Emergency Room Physical for about six months in Maryland Misericordia Hospital, during 1970. Subsequently, he established his own clinic in Maryland where he practices till 1975. During 1975 he also had also undertaken psychiatric evaluation assignments with the State Courts of Maryland and Virginia. During his private practice he has had a lot of wealthy client who have given him large sums of money for consultancy services. F. Religion/Spiritual Practice: Sound, in depth knowledge of religion but does not practice religion G. Marital Status: Single H. Legal Status/Residency: US resident and citizen by birth I. Present Living Arrangements (Persons in Household, Age, Relationship to Client) Living alone in Maryland, own private property. III. Problem Identification and Definition: A. Presenting Problem(s), Precipitating Events and Current Situation: Behaves normally but can have spells of violent behavior if provoked. Usually provocation occurs when he confronts certain types of people he despises on grounds of a belief that they are uncouth, triggering in him the memory of the ‘deserters’ who were responsible for the death of his parents and sister. B. Problem as Defined by Client, Significant Others and Worker: Client refuses to believe he has a problem and since he is a psychiatrist with an in depth knowledge in the subject he considers himself immune to any interpretation, analysis or scrutiny by other psychiatrists. He has no significant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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