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The impact of political ideology on the development of social policy in britain - Essay Example

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Social Policy Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Social Policy in Britain Social policies address avenues to attain fundamentals of human welfare. A social policy articulates diverse services to satisfy the welfare of society members. Social policies aim at improving the welfare of the population…
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The impact of political ideology on the development of social policy in britain
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The impact of political ideology on the development of social policy in britain

Download file to see previous pages... 265). Social policy in Britain: Historical overview The history of social policy in the UK traces from the period before the Second World War. After the war, there were notable advancements in the British social policy. The liberal government in Britain initiated the initiation of contemporary social services in the country. Achieving national efficiency was the main ideology that triggered the establishment most social policies in the country. National efficiency was an apprehension promoted by the stigma connected to pauperism during the early 20th century. The post second world war period featured diverse changes in social policy in Britain. Reversing the provisions of the Poor Law passed in 1834 in the country also informed the initiation of contemporary social policies in Britain. After the second war, the British administration focused on eliminating the societal impacts caused by the stigma of pauperism. The period between 1918 and 1921 marked reforms in the British social policy system. The 1919 Addison Act was a key legislation the provided for the financing of housing. Most council workers were the beneficiaries of the housing units provided under the Addison Act. In 1925, the government initiated a Pensions Act. Widows, orphans and citizens in their old age were the major beneficiaries of the legislation. ...
In 1942, the Beveridge report marked a great advancement in boosting the welfare of British citizens. The report proposed a system of national insurance. It focused on three vital provisions. The report provided for family allowance offered to British citizens. It also provided for a national health service. It proposed the adoption of full employment for the citizens of Britain. This promoted the adoption of the welfare state in the country. The welfare state prioritized social policy provisions to the citizens (Geyer, Mackintosh & Lehmann, 2005, p. 168). Implementation of the policy prompted the adoption of the Keynesianism principles. Keynesianism demanded the government’s intervention to ensure economic stability in the country. Spending on welfare, as envisioned in Keynesian economics principles, was vital for economic regulations. Notably Keynesian policies include open universal education supported by the government. The policies promote support to the society members in form of family allowances. After the 1945 elections, there were vital acts related to social policy. In 1946, the labour government administration introduced a major insurance legislation. The National Insurance Act passed in 1946 was under the implementation roles of the Beveridge scheme that promote social security. An act to enhance quality health care services in Britain also came into effect in 1946. This was the 1946 National Health Service legislation. The Assistance Act enacted in 1948 commissioned the provision of basic welfare services in Britain. The law, national assistance legislation, abolished the Poor Law that limited the provision of basic welfare services. The poor laws ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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