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Relations and Behaviors - Book Report/Review Example

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Name: Professor: Class: Date: Journal Review: Making Differences Matter David Thomas and Robin Ely address what it would take for organizations to fully reap the benefits of a diverse labour force. Managers are on the view that a more diverse labour force will actually increase the effectiveness of the organization…
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Relations and Behaviors
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Download file to see previous pages According to them, there is a special way of unleashing the powerful benefits of a diverse workforce. Diversity goes beyond growing the amount of different identity-group affiliations. Such effort is simply the first step in working with a diverse labour force for the greatest benefit. Diversity should be viewed from the different approaches to work and various perspectives different identity-groups bring. Two viewpoints on diversity: the discrimination and fairness paradigm and the access and legitimacy paradigm, have directed most of the diversity initiatives to date. A new emerging paradigm approach has been identified, which is also called the learning and effectiveness paradigm. It integrates features from the first two paradigms and goes a step further in actually connecting the diversity approaches to work (Thomas and Ely). Discrimination-and-fairness paradigm This is the most dominant way of addressing diversity. Through this perspective, leaders focus on equal opportunities, recruitment, fair treatment and compliance with federal equal employment opportunities requirements. Under this, progress in diversity is usually evaluated by how well the organization accomplishes its recruiting and retaining goals rather than the level at which it allows the employees to draw upon their personal assets and views to work effectively. The access-and-legitimacy paradigm This paradigm was predicated on the acceptance and the celebration of differences. The strengths of the paradigm are its potential of competitive advantage and market based motivation. Many firms that have used this paradigm have diversified in areas where they interact with specific niche-market sectors. Sometimes the personnel recruited for thus function feel devalued and used (Thomas and Ely). The emerging paradigm A small number of organization that have used the previous paradigms to guide their diversity efforts resulted in believing that they have not been making the most out of their own pluralism. They have thus used the learning-and-effectiveness paradigm for managing their diversity. These organizations have developed a perspective that enables them to integrate the outlooks of their employees into the mainstream activities of the organization. This enhances their work by rethinking about their primal tasks and redefining their markets, strategies, practices, missions, and or even cultures (Thomas and Ely). Journal review: The spirit of Chinese politics Factions in China rarely represent clearly defined generational, geographic or institutional interests. However these considerations usually add to the formation and the maintenance of specific factions. Primal basis for factions are clusters of officials or the power constellations of officials who, for whatever reason feel at ease with each other, believe they can share mutual loyalties and trust, and identify common adversaries. Chinese factions usually lie on the extremes of closely knit cliques and the long-winded mass parties that are present in the politics of other nations. Factions are capable of bureaucratic obstructionism since they are more dormant than manifest (Pye). Some policies could become a trademark for specific factions. New policies could be interpreted as favouring the interests of some cadres in a specific faction and damaging those of others. In this case, factions are related to policies. Chinese politics feature personalized ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Relations and Behaviors Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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