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Sociology of Work - Term Paper Example

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ROLE OF GLOBALIZATION IN CONTEMPORARY WORLD Globalization has changed the long distance communication, interaction, trade and much more in the contemporary world. Numerous businesses opportunities came in to existence with the emergence of the concept of globalization…
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Sociology of Work
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Download file to see previous pages The third change from the globalization is that it has speeded up the global interaction and processes of business activities. The transportation and communication has got a great change, globalization has increased the velocity of transference of goods, ideas, information, labor, managerial skills and capital across destinations. And in the fourth way of affect, it has supported businesses to expand their operation form the domestic level to the global level. Numerous businesses expanded its operations beyond the regional boundaries to develop new markets for their business. In the consideration of all the four view points it seems that the boundaries between the domestic matters and international affairs are constantly getting fluid. In short, globalization has impacted on widening, speeding up, intensifying and growing of the interconnectedness all over the world. ARGUMENTS USED TO EXPLAIN CONTEMPORARY GLOBALIZATION According to Vallas et al. (2009) in the “The Sociology of Work”, the globalization has break up the constraints of trade among the regional boundaries. Now every country has the resource to generate profits from the international markets. The impact of globalization has spread all over the world and everyone has got a great impact in their lives. From the social perspective, the globalization has given a great impact on the labor and workers of the country. In the view of author of the book “The Sociology of Work”, Globalization is an extension of economic activities beyond the regional boundaries; it makes it easier and convenient for the networks of production, exchange and consumption that connects several dispersed regions in to the single highly interconnected system Vallas, et al., (2009, p. 316). In the author’s view, every individual would be affected by the impact of globalization because the surrounding have a considerable impact in every individual’s live. In the author’s view, the globalization has reshaped the structure of human right activities and labor unions etc as they in contemporary globalization the role of rights advocating groups has enhanced such as human rights activists and labor union members etc Vallas, et al., (2009, p. 315). Now a huge number of labor and workers are moving from developing countries to the develop countries to get some better earning. The employers of developed countries are approaching the labor and workers of developing countries to decrease the cost of production of the company, because the labor of developing countries is ready to work on low wages. This is the violation of law that company pays low wages to the labor to reduce its cost. All these activities come under the umbrella of globalization and hence the contemporary globalization is under constant development due to stretching of terms determinants from employees’ and employers’. As a matter of fact, in accordance with Vallas, et al. (2009, P. 318); the systems defined under the international agencies the developing countries are left with no other option than depending their systems on the competitive edge based dimension of global markets which is actually aimed to support USA. This dependency has increased the power of the business to dictate terms that even charge violence of human laws Vallas, et al., 2009 p. 319). Vallas, et al., 2009, pp. 328-329 argues that trait of globalization has affected the possibility of striking the right balance of employment across ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Sociology of Work Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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