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Name Instructor Course Date Sociology as an Individual Pastime from Invitation to Sociology by Peter L. Berger Sociologists are disturbed by the fact that other professions like psychologists, politicians and clergymen are more favored by this current generation…
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Sociology as an Individual Pastime by Peter Berger
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Sociology as an Individual Pastime from Invitation to Sociology by Peter L. Berger Sociologists are disturbed by the fact that other professions like psychologists, politicians and clergymen are more favored by this current generation. This has forced the sociologists to win their attention the hard way. Although this seems unfair to the sociologists, they have taken advantage of other people’s ignorance and stir things so that their job or profession may seem relevant (Peter 12). The fact that people do not talk about the sociologists does not really mean that they have become obsolete in this modern generation, but it means they have adopted ambiguous or unique images that cannot be understood by the ordinary individuals. Any Sociologists will have the image of ‘working with people’. Any sociology underground student will always declare their interest in working with others even though they do not actually understand what the slogan mean. When such students are asked about their occupational future, they will either fumble or give vague answers, meaning they have no idea what they are being modeled to. However, majority to wish to work in the department of human relations, public relations, in the advertising companies, community projects and religious responsibilities among other related duties. Sociologists are required to help people or rather do some useful duties for the community members. Sociologists are seen to sacrifice their time and energy to relieve the community members from their burdens. Take for instance, YMCA secretary taking his time to lead the church members in a holy state, by helping them repent their sins among other sanctifying Christian norms. Sociology in this scenario is viewed as an equivalent version of the American current theme, dubbed uplift (Shahar 49). In terms of business, sociology’s profit is not predictable. It is like selecting random people to punch certain cards then feed them to a lottery machine. The outcome is never is never predictable. A sociologist is compared to an individual who spends about $100,000 to reach his problematic house. Majority of sociology students face the opposite of their expectation once the join the job market. Some are known to quit the personnel works the moment they face the actual reality. Sociology books and lessons may seem interesting and fascinating but the actual reality in the social field is always unbearable. Perceiving another person’s problems to solve it is never easy. It requires more of experience than the fresh knowledge from sociology books or lessons. It can be said that such sociology images is misleading or not accurate. The fact that sociology students eye to be employed in the humanitarian sectors is not correct. There are millions of students graduating in the field of sociology every year. This means that they overcrowd the humanitarian sector and there is need to venture other options. For instance, there are more sociological graduates employed in the governmental offices. For instance, the United States of America employs sociologists under the governmental domain to execute community projects among other related chores. It would be unwise if a sociologist’s graduate only eye the overcrowded humanitarian sector, yet there are more options to be employed. It is thought that sociological knowledge would do great wonders in criminology. Sociology will help understand the nature and causes of crime in this current society. However, it should be known that sociology could be important to both people seeking to eliminate crime as well as those willing to promote it. Although majority of criminologists are employed in the police department, we should not be naive that such criminologists are also play great roles in crime gangs like the terrorists, hackers, gangs and pirates among others. It is funny how it is perceived that the fact that there are more criminologists in the police department than in the gang groups is a demonstration of the ethical bias. From the sociological view, the gangster or the pirates have a certain drive to commit their criminally deeds. Hence it is thought that the best way to eliminate crime is to understand the criminal, and take the problem from the root. Some of these are criminals are the best society members during the day only to turn into something else upon darkness. The slogan ‘working with them’ could mean both positive and negative societal attributes for instance; it could mean getting the poor out of the slums or even driving them to jail. Sociology poses some dangers as it may contribute to some negative deeds other than the anticipated positive ones. Social workers are one of the traditional professions that began during the industrial revolution. The sociologists were great obstacles to the industrialists as they argued that creation of such industries would compromise the availability of social amenities and even give rise to anti-social practices like prostitution and crime among others (Loretta 23). Sociologists have currently partnered with other professionals like the human rights activists and environmentalists to oppose various developments in various parts of the universe. This creates a huge divide as to how the profession is perceived. There are those who see it as human advocate while the industrialists see it as huge obstacle that should be rendered obsolete. Works cited Loretta Capeheart. Social justice: theories, issues, and movements. New York: University press, 2007. Print. Peter L. Berger. Invitation to Sociology. A Humanistic Perspective. New York. Anchors Books, Doubly & Company, 1963. Print. Shahar T. B. Happier: Learn the secrets to Daily joy and lasting fulfilment. London: McGraw Hill Professional, 2007. Print. Read More
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