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In the paper “Causes of Youth Delinquency” the author highlights various grounds responsible for youth delinquency and highlights the role played by educational programs, parental relations and parenting skills to restore the normal behavior of the young individual…
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Causes of Youth Delinquency
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Download file to see previous pages Juvenile delinquent is a terminology used to describe a culpable youth, a blameworthy minor or a neglected, misguided, offending wrongdoer (Web: Juvenile delinquent, n.d.). A minor offender (an individual under the age of 18 years) or a juvenile delinquent participates in illegal activities. Observations reveal that there are a few children who possess the tendency to steal while others do not, some are display a propensity of being play malingerer, some may have a predisposition to damage objects or other's belongings, the tendency sows the seeds of criminal behavior and alters the psychology of the young budding mind.
 The present epoch witnesses a transition between various sectors encompassing school, family and work as a result of such changeover social relationships and socialization are breaking up; moreover, everyday life trajectories are more diverse and less anticipated. Various factors encompassing reorganization of the labor market, expansion of the maturity span as well as limited prospects to become a self-sufficient adult are some challenges that influence relationships with friends and family. On the other hand, education level and educational opportunities are becoming decisive factors to participate in labor market and leisure activities. The propensity of these circumstances is prevailing across the world as human population is witnessing population explosion which is the root cause of numerous inadequacies such as housing and support, competition, unemployment to a large segment of young population., overcrowding in underprivileged urban areas, dissolution of the family as well as poor educational opportunities are some leading causes that put pressure on young individuals (Web: Juvenile Delinquency, World Youth Report, 2003).
Research and theories have been implicated over the years to rule out the underlying causes of such delinquent behavior, however, extensive studies are being carried out in last two decades due to augmentation in prevalence of crime committed by youth. Studies carried out by educational bodies, juvenile courts, mental hygiene clinics, child welfare associations revealed enormous data related to youth delinquency which serves as an aid in deriving general conclusion.
Delinquency is directly related to inappreciable social adjustment. There are numerous factors which govern such a insignificant and parsimonious attitude. Every juvenile felony is the result of a intricacy of causes which may be traced back years before the actual crime committed or it could be immediate repercussion of the injustice being observed by the young individual. Factors which play vital role in whirling the child's temperament in negative direction may be puzzling and indecipherable by psychologists, physiologists and sociologists (Web: Juvenile D ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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