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Money Laundering & Tax Evasion Name School Name 1. Describe how the scientific inquiry differs from nonscientific inquiry. A scientific inquiry aims to provide information about the natural world and natural processes by collecting data, investigation and testing…
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I dont have a topic... See Questions below
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Download file to see previous pages Attempting to gain information about money laundering and tax evasion from a sociological perspective would be a non-scientific inquiry because it attempts to discover information about a non-scientific entity that is not related to the natural world. For example, the question “does Earth have a moon” leads to a scientific inquiry. The question “are money launderers part of the same sociological system as tax evasion” is a non-scientific inquiry. However, following a non-scientific line of inquiry does not mean that the evidence gathering will not follow the scientific measurement. Information on sociological variables to support or disprove the questions could be gathered in a scientific way. 2. Nave five Sociological variables and their attributes. There are a wide number of sociological variables, all of which can be quite difficult to measure in some ways. The first is gender – whether an individual is male or female. This can have a wide range of effects on how the individual interacts with their world and this factor also plays a more or less important role depending on the culture of the religion. Another sociological variable is religion. A religion can be classified as any organized belief system that encourages believers to follow set patterns that are deemed important to religious leaders. There are several large religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, for example) and these often have smaller denominations or sects (Sunni, Orthodox or Episcopalian, for example). This can be difficult to measure because some people will answer that they follow a certain religion but actually deviate in a lot of ways to how the religion is “supposed” to be followed. Another sociological variable is the socioeconomic status of an individual. This can mean a combination of factors including the individual’s perceived place in society and their income. Income is fairly easy to measure (information can be gained from pay slips) but socioeconomic status is harder to define if there is no strict hierarchy in the society. Another sociological variable is age. This can be measured in different ways in different societies but generally refers to the time elapsed since an individual is born and is usually measured in years. The final sociological variable that will be mentioned here is occupation. Occupation often gives people structures to follow that are important in understanding their sociological status. Occupation can be a broad category (insurance) or specific (sociological researcher into money laundering and tax evasion). This will often have an effect on the socioeconomic status of the individual and can be affected by gender, religion or age. 3. How are theory and research linked? Give example. A theory is an idea that can be proven (or disproven) using scientific inquiry. An example of a theory could be “money laundering is linked to tax evasion” – it does not necessarily have to be true in all cases but is generally supported by the research. In this sense, research is something which is done to prove or disprove a theory. Research can be done in many ways. The first is to use several other pieces of research that have already been done on a topic and to group them together to come up with an overall idea or theory that is supported by this literature. Research can also be done by experimenting – setting up two situations which differ in variables and comparing them. An example of this could be that male and female tax evaders avoid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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