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This paper, Ethical Issue in Information Technology, stresses that the term information ethics refers to the discipline of applies ethics developed by Luciano Floridi. In his theory of information ethics, he asserted that information ethics should be included under the umbrella of computer ethics. …
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Ethical Issue in Information Technology
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This area of ethics examines the concerns arising in the modern world due to the constant development of information technology. It is related to the fields of computer ethics and the philosophy of information. The present “information society” is facing the escalating dilemmas about the life of information. Globalization and digital congregation of the world have exposed the mankind to the intricate ethical, social and societal issues. Humanity is confronting the crucial issues like access to information, privacy, intellectual property rights etc.
Intellectual property is the term used to describe the work of a person or firm created or owned by it. Certain laws have been formed to protect intellectual property. For example, copyright law (protects authored works), patent laws (protects inventions), Trade secret laws (help safeguard information critical to an organization’s success) etc. Despite all these law enforcement, practices such as plagiarism and illegal downloads of software and other materials have greatly increased the threats to intellectual properties. Annually, software worth million dollars are downloaded illegally, causing an immense setback to the software industry across the globe. The software industries, both international and locals, need the support of the customers to flourish. Otherwise, the innovation and invention in information technology will cease.
Under the cover of freedom of speech, a dozen unethical practices have emerged because of the misuse of IT.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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