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Environmental Sociology and Research Methods - Essay Example

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Task 1: QUESTIONNAIRE According to Stinchcombe (2005), while doing the research on social factors in a community, sociologist often depends on the method of research that do not have an emphasis on casual theories related to social science. For example the census sampling was designed to find out the size of the population…
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Environmental Sociology and Research Methods
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Download file to see previous pages (Stinchcombe, 2005, p. 9) Research Design: The Research is done to find out the effect of time spent in the park among the children with their studies. Research hypothesis: Result in the examination= a1+b (Time spent in the park) Null Hypothesis: Time spent in the park does not hamper the results of the children in their examinations. Alternative Hypothesis: More time spent in the park hampers the results of the children in the examination. By this research we are trying to prove that alternate hypothesis is true. Research Methods: The study is based on primary research. There are 9 questions in the questionnaire. The survey is conducted among 50 people in a local park where they used to come with their children. The questionnaire is designed to take into consideration different parameters which are related to the young generation’s study and health. Questioner: 1. How old is your child? 2. Less than 5 years 2. 5-10 Years. 3. 10-12 years 4. 12-15 years. 5. Above 15 Years. 2. Is he / she studying? If yes, then which Class? 1. Yes. In _____________ standard. 2. No, he/she yet to get admission in the school. 3. How long he/she spends in the park daily? 1. 30 minutes or less. 2. 30 minutes- less than 1 hour, 3. 1 hour- less than 2 hours. 4. 2 hours-less than 3 hours. 5. 4 hours or more. 4. What is his/ her health condition in last 1 year? 1. Remain healthy throughout the year. 2. Remains healthy most of the time. 3. Suffer from bad health occasionally. 4. Regularly suffers from bad health. 4. What is his/her favorite time pass activity? 1. Time passes in Park. 2. Computer Games. 3. Watching television. 4. Time pass with friends. 5. What is his/ her grade in the last examination? 1. Very good. 2. Good. 3. Average. 4. Poor. 5. Very Poor 6. What do you think affect his study the most? 1. Watching Television. 2. Spending time in Park/ sports. 3. Time pass with friends. 4. Nothing. 7. Do you think time spends in other activities hampers the study? 1. Yes. 2. No. If yes, then give three specific points by which the time spend in other activities can be reduced. 1. 2. 3. 8. Do you give him or her encourage focusing on extracurricular activities? 1. Yes 2. No If No, then give three reasons. 1. 2. 3. 9. Give your opinion regarding how young generation can maintain balance between studies and other activities. Preliminary Data Analysis: After conducting the research on 50 people in the park, following results can be drawn. The main focus of this report is to find out what are the relation between the time spent in the park and performance in school examinations for the group of young children. Data analysis : For this report we are mainly concentrating on the question number 3 and 5 to figure out the relation between the exam results and the time spent in the park. Here two variables are exam grades and time spent in the park. Based on the answer given by the people, following conclusion can be made. The variables, time spent in the park and results of the examination are directly co- related. The more time young people spend in the park, the more their academic performance gets affected. The regression analysis proves that the value of p is less than .05, hence the alternative hypothesis that we are considering for this analysis is true, the more time that young children spent in the park, there is a higher chance that their exam result ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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