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Teenage Pregnancy: A Sociological Identification and Perspective - Essay Example

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 This essay focuses on the problem of teenage pregnancy: a sociological identification and perspective. A sociological view of teenage pregnancy is necessitated as a means of understanding how this societal problem has grown and developed within the past several decades…
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Teenage Pregnancy: A Sociological Identification and Perspective
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Extract of sample "Teenage Pregnancy: A Sociological Identification and Perspective"

Download file to see previous pages At its most basic definition, the societal “issue” of teenage pregnancy revolves around societal stakeholders becoming pregnant during the early/formative years of their own developmental process. Such an eventuality oftentimes correlates to an inability to effectively raise or provide for the needs of the infant/child in question. Moreover, rather than merely providing for the economic demands that having a child necessarily require, teenage mothers oftentimes find themselves in a situation with no partner in which they can rely on as a means of raising a child. Due to the fact that these partners are invariably young themselves, this places a strain not only upon the parents of the young woman, but also upon the healthcare services and economy as a whole; due to the fact that the young girl requires a great deal of psychological and economic support in order to raise the child on her own. From a sociological standpoint, this becomes an issue as it cannot only be understood as a personal issue that impacts upon the lives or immediate family experience of a small group of individuals. In this way, the following analysis will not only seek to define and elaborate on the sociological issue that teen pregnancy poses, it will also seek to discuss how this particular phenomenon impacts society in a different way than it has in the recent past as well as drawing upon the views that two prominent sociologists might have proffered with regards to teen pregnancy and how it should be approached/what were some of the contributing factors. Description of Change and Societal Ramifications of Change Firstly, with respect to delineating a specific case or example of teenage pregnancy, the reader does not need to look very far in order to see the impacts that teenage pregnancy impacts upon the individual, the child, and the immediate family/loved ones of the mother. Ultimately, as a means of how current Western civilization has evolved, motherhood is something that has come to be delayed upon until the time that a level of material success is assured. Due to the increasing complexity of life within the recent past, the average age at which a woman typically chooses to become a mother has seen an incremental shift towards a higher average. However, at the same time, important societal trends have emerged that has increased the rates of teenage pregnancy; even as the general trend has been to become pregnant at a later age than previous generations. This societal shift, of course, has to do with the sexual revolution which was experienced within the 1960s (Basch 2011). As a direct result of this sexual revolution, three unique outcomes were evidenced. The first was with respect to the development of “the pill”; allowing women to engage in a more promiscuous level of behavior without the danger of an unwanted pregnancy. Due to the degree of freedoms that “the pill” was able to ensure, combined with a cultural shift away from the more Puritanical definitions of premarital sex, the stigma of sexual liaisons between unmarried individuals slowly came to be removed. This is not to say that the current time does not exhibit any type of double standard with regards to men’s or women’s sexuality; rather, it merely denotes that a great deal of societal growth with regards to viewpoints concerning human sexuality was experienced within the past few decades.   ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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