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Interview and research paper - Essay Example

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Interview of a Prison Officer in Alabama jail List of Prepared Questions: 1. Under which department you are working? For how long you are working here? 2. How is your experience in this profession? 3. What are the basic difficulties in a prison life and how it differs from one individual to other?…
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Interview and research paper
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Download file to see previous pages It would therefore be interesting to observe the interactions between prisoners and the change in their psychological set up during their stay in prison. While some factors commonly affect them there are certain sociological barriers which the prisoners would perhaps forcefully maintain among themselves in order to psychological prove them unique from others. The best way to gain an insight into the interaction pattern between prisoners and their sociological aspects associated with them would be to ask a prison employee who by profession would be closely observing a set of prisoners and their lifestyles. Hence the paper presents an interview of a prison officer of California. Details of Conversation One month ago I took an interview of a prison officer who is responsible for security and supervision of the prisoners in California State prison. He has been working there since twenty years. He is quite restrictive person in nature. He never interferes in the personal lives of the prisoners, but he has observed their emotions, feelings for their family and most of the important their repentance for their criminal activities. Having a long time experience he can understand what kind of mentality is working among the prisoners. Though the mentality differs from age to age all of the prisoners felt themselves deprived from the society. They always believe they are belonging to an extreme separate class from the society so that they make a separate class among themselves within a prison house. Being accused by offensive activity they already loss their confidence on their abilities and this makes them unemployed even after they stay outside the jails. He also informed that most of the prisoners get drug addicted in the course of their prison lives. They become habituated to drug on regular basis. Some of the drugs are very dangerous to the health. The supply of drugs has mainly been done by the fourth-class stuffs of the prison. They usually supply the drug in terms of money. They provide various kinds of drugs to the prisoners from outside. Around 60% of the prisoners are drug addicted in the U.S. According to him around 75% of prisoners belong to Anglo-American class of the society who are seriously engaged in antisocial activities. They are related with various kinds of international corrupted agencies. They basically target teenagers of poor section of the society. When the questions of difficulties were asked he basically focused on the reasons behind these difficulties. Different groups of people meet together in the prison house. Therefore there automatically exists a class division between the prisoners. The concept of class division is mainly developed between black people and white people. This leads to the concept of racism. Racism is a danger threat to a society. It destroys the unity of a society and the interdependence among the people. It can break the correlation concept of the societal groups. Prison life is just a part of a life. The time period of prison life is adjusted according to the significance of their criminal evidences. If people think about the class division even in the prison then prison-life will become a terrific for the prisoners. They should maintain unity within the prison house. All prisoners should treat others as a member of their families. A strong emotional bonding should be maintained in the jail. It was very ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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