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Immigration and Class - Dissertation Example

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Immigration and Class Immigration is an exciting concept given great importance throughout the world. No one visits any foreign land in vain but to gain something greater. In spite of numerous benefits, they are also welcomed to difficulties and hurdles…
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Immigration and Class
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Extract of sample "Immigration and Class"

Download file to see previous pages Backward countries undergo a tremendous pressure and anxiety being affected by globalization. This is evident from the statement “small self-employed producers cannot generate enough value” (Wollf). Therefore, democratic capitalist enterprises find it hard to compete with multinational corporate. As result, it has great impact on “informal sector” and moreover the corporates rule every area of life. Hence, a solution to overcome this crisis applied is emigration. In fact, poverty no longer remains as a reason for this problem. It is clearly reported, “Emigration is usually a result of the interaction of external and internal conditions dissolving deep structure of production and patterns of social life generally” (Wollf). All could not resist this especially the developing countries. And this economical crisis paved way for social and political distress across the world. Even though mass emigration contributed significantly the internal migrants had to suffer the aftermath of every activity. The rich industrial capitalist economy also encountered trouble but the adaption of alternative tactics could overcome the crisis. But the problem got its origin as “conflicts between new immigrants and their non-immigrant neighbors” (Wollf). It was precisely financial crises which made life so miserable. In addition to that, discrimination and conflicts began spreading from every corner. Furthermore, it also resulted in creating political issues. Ultimately, the immigrants and natives have become the victims all kind suffering, while the capitalists sucking the blood of inefficient. It is a matter of question existing in the minds of people who encountered trouble whether ‘migration should be encouraged’? How the immigrants have attained their rights over the years? Why the immigrants are made to suffer in a foreign land? Should they be getting accustomed to the activities and life style of the host country? All the questions have great importance when considering the matter of immigration or migration. As it is well said, ‘be a roman when you are in Rome’. There are many factors to be taken into account regarding migration. Today the individuals show great interest and curiosity to settle in overseas but find it hard to continue their life overseas because of many reasons. One has to be mentally prepared to follow the life style of the people which might be entirely different from homeland. Apart from this, he should have the courtesy to appreciate and adapt culture, tradition and language of the host country. The survival is possible if a person holds a sense of unity and capability to cope with situations which are entirely unique from one’s own. Similar to social challenges, the person also faces many political inconveniences. In the initial stage, a person can be deprived of certain political privileges and rights. The right of citizenship is not granted or guaranteed immediately. The voting and other political powers remain as a dream and ambition in their minds. Therefore, an immigrant is deprived of the freedom of politics. So to bring an inference, life is different in diverse nations as they involve many challenges. Finally, it is a matter of concern that along with the promotion of migration people should be made aware of its adverse effects too. Realizing society and social changes is of primary importance. The immigrants across the world are ignorant about the way of living overseas and find it hard to cope with it. Having ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Immigration and Class Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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