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Explaining Inequalities according to Marx's Conflict Theory - Term Paper Example

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The paper “Explaining Inequalities according to Marx’s Сonflict Theory” considers that gender, ethnic and social inequality creates a shortage of food and other resources. society conflicts for access to resources which allocation is always more accessible to arbitrarily privileged humans…
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Explaining Inequalities according to Marxs Conflict Theory
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Extract of sample "Explaining Inequalities according to Marx's Conflict Theory"

Download file to see previous pages Brym mentions several causes of suicide bombing, such as territorial disputes (e.g. Israeli-Palestinian conflict), ideologies, nationalism, retaliation, strategic goals, defense against harsh repression, etc. The conflicts, such as that of the Israeli and Palestinians, arise over territorial rights, ideologies, and conflicting religious beliefs. Basically, there usually exists a component of intense ideological conflicts in secular and/or religious convictions. Specific factors also present are an extremely repressive state that is incapable of preventing or regulating terrorist activities; oppression or tyranny by a dominant entity; a history of political hostility; and so on.   
The studies cited by Brym would indicate that an organization’s decision to employ suicide bombing is either based on strategic/rational reasoning or emotional/retaliatory motives. The execution of suicide bombing discloses an organization’s inclination to take full advantage of ideological goals as well as it's necessary to fight for power and resources. According to Marx’s conflict theory, society is composed of individuals and/or groups vying for scarce resources, such as power, territory, etc. Competition over these limited resources is at the core of every social relationship. For instance, Israelis and Palestinians are competing for territorial rights, political power, and public support. Thus, the Israeli-Palestinian relationship is a perfect example of Marx’s account of the conflict. This conflict-ridden relationship is characterized not only by politics but by religion and ideology, as well. Ideological and religious conflict arises due to the failure of the political sphere to resolve the territorial dispute. As Brym emphasizes, “Any political conflict makes people look for ways to explain the dispute and imagine a strategy for resolving it; they adopt or formulate an ideology” (Hartmann & Uggen 23). This is precisely how Marx explains conflict theory.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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